Hey therE! I'm Amber. 

Below you'll find my professional bio (and a little more about me personally through the words of my own sweet mom). 


Professional BIO

Amber Campion is an internationally recognized yoga and mindfulness teacher as well as a sought after life and leadership strategist. She is known for combining the practical with 'the magical' for truly life enhancing results. 

Amber has been teaching neuroscience backed mind/body practices for more than a decade and is the founder of DRM: Dynamic Release Method. She is also the creator of The Changemakers Circle, The Changemakers Adventure, & The Changemakers Quest. Through her esteemed coaching programs, trainings, and retreats she has guided hundreds of people to connect more authentically with their potential, develop healthier relationships, and cultivate a deeper sense of confidence, meaning, and fulfillment in their lives. 

Amber teaches and leads trainings & retreats worldwide in Mindfulness, Conscious Leadership and Personal Development. She is currently writing her first book about creating fulfillment in your most important relationships by re-defining your models of intimacy, connection, and success. 


A short interview with my mama...

I decided to interview my mom to get to know who I was as a 'little one' a bit clearer. I had epilepsy when I was a young girl and I don't recall much before the age of 8 (which is when the seizures stopped. Then, at age 15 I was told my brain no longer showed any signs of a neurological disorder). This process of interviewing my mama was enlightening and so aligned with who I am now and my mission in the world. It was wonderful and heart warming to hear her responses and her laughter as she recalled my youth. I highly recommend this process! 

1. What was my personality like? What were my natural strengths? Weaknesses?

Weaknesses?! You were a little girl, you didn't have any weakness. (you gotta love moms ;-)

You were extremely loving, you wanted to be held and hugged all the time. You loved EVERYBODY. You were so friendly. You were a very, very happy child. You would skip down the hallway to get blood work done from the nurses. They just loved you. (note from me: I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 6. My mom told me that between the ages of 6-8 every 2 weeks for a couple months, and then once a month for a couple years, I had to go to the hospital for blood work). You were also very athletic. You struggled through school, especially math (we were told that was because of the epilepsy - it took some time for you to catch up). You had good rhythm and were always moving and dancing as a baby. And you were very, very good at swimming.

2. What did I love to do? What was I enthusiastic about?

Being outdoors, camping in the backyard, swim team - you were the youngest swimmer in 30 years at the La Jolla rough water swim. You had just turned 5 years old and were in the 8 and under group. (mom laughing) You even beat the boys who were 8! When you saw the ocean you asked me, "where is the deep end?" 

3. What are a couple stand out memories you have of me that were like, “hmm, so that’s who Amber is.”

Well, you always went to the beat of a different drummer, that's for sure. You dyed your hair pink and you wanted that weird dress for the homecoming dance. 

4. What set me apart from others?

Even through your struggles you were always really, really smart and determined. You wanted to go to college through an early admission program being offered in your jr. year of high school and you made it happen. You took 7 classes each semester, plus you CLEPed math, your worst subject, when the CLEP exam was for people who excelled at the subject and wanted to test out of having to take it in college. You said, "Mom, I can’t deal with going to these classes." You found a tutor and you PASSED! You said, "See mom! Hard work really pays off.” (Note from me: I then said to my mom, "So essentially I have been re-defining the way things ‘should’ be done my whole life." And in response to that she said, "When you would set your mind to something, you became so determined and did it. You didn’t take failure as an option even though you had to work so hard from the epilepsy: what people usually do with the best they have, you did it with the worst.").

And you were so confident in your abilities, winning wasn’t important to you. I once watched you slow down in a swim meet and when I asked you why, you said, "she really wanted a ribbon and I have enough already." 

You were always good at anything you put your mind to. You could have gone to an ivy league college for CREW, You said, ‘Nah, I don’t want to do that anymore.” You wanted to go to art school. You always did stuff like that, like when you moved to New York and got that job in public relations at 24. In less than a year they offered you a 10k raise and what did you do, you quit! You told me, “I didn’t move to NYC to settle.” You would go in one direction and end up somewhere else, but you were always successful at it.

5. If you could define me in 1-3 words, what would that be?

Determined, Most Well-Adjusted person I know, Happy.


My mission is to create a world where visionaries, people like you, are changing the world by re-defining what is possible in life, love, and leadership. As you reach for your greatness and bring your full self to the world, you become who you always were meant to be - a changemaker, creating a better world through your very presence. If this resonates with you, I invite you to explore The Changemakers Circle

I am larger, better than I thought. I did not know I held so much goodness.
— from the poem: Song of the Open Road by Walt Whitman

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