This is for the rebels, the seekers, the philosophers...the 'crazy ones'

When I was a young girl I had a neurological disorder that created a lot of confusion in my brain, and thus my little world. I didn't see things as most saw them and I didn't process things as most processed them. When I tried to explain my perspective, it was often received with frustration and confusion by others. Because of this, I often felt very alone in the world...even when I wasn't. 

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What are you a stand for?

This is a question that changed my life. 

I sat with it and felt it in my bones - the anger, the love, the sadness, the conviction, and ultimately…the peace it generated in the depths of me. I journaled on it. I spoke about it. I created my work in the world based on it. 

I know who I am and what I’m made of, because of it.

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Creating space for true rest

Have you ever felt like life was so ‘on the go’ that you didn’t realize just how deeply tired you were, until a circumstance (good or bad) presented itself, carving out the space for you to notice the depth of it? 

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Meant for Bigger Things? a story about me that will relate to you.

People often ask me how I ‘found my calling’ and how I created mission-based work in the world that’s not only emotionally and spiritually rewarding, but also financially rewarding. 

Here is my answer to that…


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