Creating space for true rest

Have you ever felt like life was so ‘on the go’ that you didn’t realize just how deeply tired you were, until a circumstance (good or bad) presented itself, carving out the space for you to notice the depth of it? 


I just spent the past six days visiting my Cousin in Spring, Texas. Jp and I landed in our #tinyhomeonwheels on Friday at 5pm. From the moment we arrived, everything was taken care of and set up for us - from parking, to our accommodations in her beautiful home - which included a gift that her children excitedly handed to me (a paper bag with two moisturizing bath bombs, one shaped like a heart and one like the earth, with ‘were so glad you are here’ written across the top in marker), to a wholesome and delicious dinner. 

By 9pm I was completely passed out on my cozy new bed for the week (with my feet on the pillow and the light still on).  


I woke the next morning around 8am feeling surprisingly tired. 

Well, YAY! for me, Saturday was just as curated with care as our arrival…


The entire day I was swept away by the artistry of my cousins love and care. 

  • Breakfast made for us by one of her daughters
  • Backyard lounging and hot tub soaking with the whole family
  • Yummy fish tacos made for us for lunch
  • Paddle boarding in the lake with everything packed and taken care of 
  • A gorgeous dinner out at a healthy and delicious restaurant 

Again, I was asleep before 10pm. This time it was a little later, 9:30pm, and my head landed on my pillow, rather than my feet.


Sunday I woke up still feeling unusually tired. And, once again, the day was artfully curated with care - a mix of leisure and meaningful, connection based activities. 


Later I said to my cousin, 

“I’ve been so tired all weekend. Honestly, I think I’ve been tired for the past month and just haven’t created enough space, through true rest, to notice it. This weekend I haven’t had to organize, plan, fix, clean, prepare, or arrange anything. I just let myself be guided by you and it has been such a gift.”


What I realized is this…

Even the strongest, most well intentioned, self-proclaimed ‘self-care’ aficionados need S P A C E to fully let go and truly be held by another. {Tweet This}


It’s Monday as I write this and already I’m feeling the levity and presence that true restoration can provide for the soul. 


This is one of the reasons why I continue to lead retreats - because it’s a space where I get to curate with care for others, and I know just how healing and enlivening that experience is on a deep, soul nourishing level. 


One of the best ways to make sure you get the space to truly rest, is to create the space. You can do this by scheduling a set time for true restoration - no organizing, planning, fixing, cleaning, preparing, or arranging during that time. 


Retreats are an incredible way to do this, as they are carefully and artfully curated so that you have very little to think about. Once you arrive, the schedule is set, the food is prepared, and the balance between leisure and meaningful, connection based activities are arranged for you. 


This year I’m curating a space of deep care and love in BALI, for a week long retreat, The Changemakers Adventure. To sweeten the sweetness, I am offering $500 off if you enroll by May 20th. Four of the sixteen spaces are already taken, so give yourself the gift of true rest and grab your spot today. 

I hope you’ll join us!


To Being Held,

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The Changemakers Adventure: BALI

October 20-27, 2018


We Travel Not to Escape Life, but for Life to Not Escape Us.
16 Change-making minded independent thinkers, creators, visionaries, and seekers.

This life changing adventure is an opportunity to explore the depths of how you truly want to show up in the world, what your soul is yearning for most, and how to align with that calling with more ease, grace, and authenticity. With a blend of neuropsychology practices, mind/body release techniques, masterful coaching, renewing bodywork, soulful adventures, inspiring community, and the magic of Bali - you will find no other retreat experience quite like this one. 

Will you join us?

The Changemakers Adventure: BALI 
Enroll by May 20th to receive $500 off (payment plan available)