Do You Dare to Meet Your Hearts Longing? {Video}

Do you dare to meet your hearts longing?

Longing is part of human nature. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re off path..

It means we’re ALIVE.

If it is even possible to go ‘off path’, that of which I’m not totally convinced of, it would be when we ignore that longing...

for far too long.

I’m not speaking about instant gratification or self-indulgent acts of the ego.

I’m speaking about


soul level.


The kind of longing that asks us…

to leave a career that is slowly killing our spirit

to make much needed hard changes in a relationship or our lifestyle…

because it’s just not working like this anymore.

to move to a new state or country

to dive deeper into that calling we feel totally awkward at, or unworthy of





when we give ourself permission to be with it

even in the messy moments.

The kind of longing that beckons us with a whisper

answering our deepest prayers and wildest dreams …

that kind of longing.

We just have to be willing to lean in …

and listen.



To daring to be who we most long to be...together,

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