Do You Have A Dream That Has Been On Hold Way Too Long?

Well, I did. For me it was becoming a published writer. 

When I was a teenager I wrote everyday. It was art and medicine for me. I even got my first degree in creative writing and was a journalist for the college newspaper.  I always adored authors (my mom turned me onto books at age 14). My heroes are authors, some of my friends are authors, when I'm envious of's usually an author or someone with incredible writing skills. Do you relate to this at all? Are there people doing things in the world that you just swoon over and think, "Wow! I'd love to love to do that, be that, have that."

When I was twenty I moved to New York City and I let my writing practice slip away, partly to explore new things, but mostly because I was afraid of being fully seen. In the past three years I began writing regularly again via my blog and it feels great! It feels like home for me. 


So, at the beginning of this year I made a commitment to my highest self to write even more. To write from my heart regularly and submit articles to media outlets I admire and would be proud to be published in (even though I was scared and afraid I would be rejected). I made this commitment so I could get my dream out of my head and into the world. I did this because I know for sure that when we follow the call of that small, still voice…it guides us to the life we dream of living by stretching us into the person we need to be to create that dream. 

There have been ups and downs with this process, as I like to say, anything worthwhile and meaningful often is BOTH marvelous and messy. And now, today I am so excited to share that in the past two weeks TWO of my articles have been published, one with Arianna Huffington's new online platform, Thrive Global, and the other in the super popular online magazine, Positively Positive

The articles are different, but both speak to powerful life lessons I've learned. I know you will find them to be very inspiring and worth your time to read.

I would deeply appreciate your support by checking the articles out and doing any or all of the above:

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You can visit the article by clicking the links below.

Thank-you a million times over. Love your Guts!

1. What Teaching Youth in Prison Taught me About Life

2. A Letter of Advice to My Younger Self: 3 life lessons I'd love to have known in my 20's.


Thank-you for all that you do and be,