How I Changed My Relationship with Money and Created Financial FULFILLMENT

There was a time when I had a very poor relationship with money. My beliefs kept it arms length distance from me and even though I would say I wanted money in my life in a more sustainable and healthy way, it seem to not hear me. ;-)

Have you ever felt that way? 

Esther Hicks, an inspirational speaker and author nailed it when she said...

"Saying, 'I want money, but it will not come', is the same as saying, "Come to me, absence of money, which I do not want."

One of the key things that changed my ability to create money in my life was changing my relationship to money.

If I wanted money to be around, I needed to stop telling the story of how it's never around. Transforming my relationship to money has been at the core of my income shifts and I want to share what I have learned with you. I could write a thesis on this subject, but today I will keep it concise and practical so you will walk away with a solid place to start. 


3 Ways I Changed My Relationship with Money

1. I became GROWTH-minded

When I became serious about changing my relationship with money, I had to take a long hard look at WHO I was being in the world and how I needed to grow in character to create the change I wanted to experience. I asked myself, what is my 'come from' when I think or speak about money? I discovered that it was lack. I would be saying I wanted more money, yet beneath those words I felt lack. Our words create our world, but our words are only as strong as our FEELINGS. Tony Robbins, Expert Life & Business Strategist is quoted saying, "You can't create abundance from a place of lack. You must start from abundance to create abundance." In other words, you must see all the abundance you already have, appreciate it, focus on it, and from that place, take new action in creating more. 

I have met people who have create financial success without an ounce of gratitude for what they have. Yes, they created financial success...but at what cost? Well, they left the most important thing behind, happiness. Financial fulfillment is created with a mindset of growth, rooted in gratitude. 

2. I became CONTRIBUTION-minded

The next thing I did was seek out the answer to HOW I wanted to give back to others and the world at large. I got clear on my unique abilities and I discovered my zone of genius. I turned my focus away from 'how can I get?' to 'how can I give?' I created offerings in my business that felt aligned with my deepest why for doing what I do in the world and I also created ways in which to donate thousands of dollars to charities I believe in, through creating clients for my offerings. It gave more meaning to my work in the world. It changed my perspective on 'sales,' and it fired up my mission like never before. 

Now even if you aren't an entrepreneur or business owner, this still applies to you. We all have a unique ability and a zone of genius. What's yours? Are you always being told you are a great listener? Do others tell you how welcome you make them feel? Are you able to see and understand things others don't which allows you help in some particular way? We can contribute in so many ways and giving to others is one of the fastest paths I know to creating more fulfillment in our lives. I'll list a few ideas here...

  • A sincere smile to a co-worker who seems to be having a bad day
  • Remembering people's names
  • Cooking for your loved ones
  • Buying coffee for the person in line behind you
  • Slowing down and making eye contact
  • Become genuinely interested in the people in your life - ask them about themselves
  • Give honest appreciation to others
  • Volunteer 
  • Make a gift for someone
  • Write a letter of acknowledgment

3. I became CELEBRATION-minded

Me and my partner, Jp, have a ritual that every time we have a 'win' in our business growth (no matter how small), we celebrate. Every time, no exceptions. Sometimes that celebration is as simple as doing the "happy dance' for our partner and taking a few moments to just relish in the win. Other times it's a glass of wine or a night out at a restaurant. On occasion, it's a gift. You see, the way we celebrate doesn't matter so much as the fact that we simply do it. Every time. Celebration has become a habit for us and in creating that habit, we feel better, enjoy our hard work even more, and truly appreciate all the wonderful things that we have created. Without this last part, what's the point? 

Success is easy my friends...what's extraordinary is when you meet someone who has created success and is ALSO fulfilled. If success without fulfillment sounds like a joke to you (yeah, me too), then do yourself a favor and adopt the 3 mindsets above to begin your epic journey towards financial fulfillment. 

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Look at that! You're already creating magic in your life. ;-) 

Love you.