How to Mine the Gold Out of Your Soul

Most people truly believe that if they just had more money, the things that make them unhappy would disappear and their lives would be better. And though it’s true that money can make life more comfortable, it’s not the answer to these deeper calls for happiness, joy, meaning, and fulfillment. Absolutely, it’s a piece of a grander puzzle and can create a lot more ease and security, but the answer to your questions about happiness can only be found in a much deeper well. 

Let’s explore…

One thing that has radically shifted not only my ‘happiness’ reality, but also my financial reality is asking better, more meaningful questions. 

Like a google search, the brain will supply you with results when you ask it a question. The kind of results you get depend on the kind of questions you ask.

so for example…

“Why am I always struggling with money?” or "Why is money so complicated?" will ensure that you find the answer…and consequently, more struggle and complication. 

“When was the last time I experienced joy and how could I use this wisdom to create more wealth in my life?” will clearly guide you down a very different path than the question above. 

Creating wealth is not just a strategy game, it's an energy game…

money is an energy and if you know anything about energy, you know the art of manipulating it is an inside game, just as much as an outside game. 

It’s not just about strategy and planning, it’s also about your beliefs, your values, your patterns and how this is creating either resonance or dissonance in your life. And as the saying goes, the best work comes from the inside, out. So you gotta start by mining the soul before you start mining your pockets (so to speak). 


True happiness is found in mining your soul for gold, not your pockets. {Tweet This}


The truth is…

There are two kinds of people with money: happy ones and unhappy ones. So clearly money is not the answer to happiness, but it's also not the enemy of it. 

I read a story recently about Oprah. It was 2001 where she boldly shared a vulnerable truth on her show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. She was asked by her trainer, “when was the last time you experienced joy?” She thought about it and realized it had been more than seven years! Oprah - A highly successful, rich, famous, change making, adored woman had not experienced joy in over seven years. 

She said this question made her reflect for days and what she discovered was the last time she experience true consistent joy was during the filming of The Color Purple. The making of that film was deeply meaningful to her. Ultimately through her own process of mining gold from her soul, she made some changes in her life and career which catapulted her show from 'just a talk show', what she called the ‘yak yak yak’ genre, to a game changing, giving back show that helps thousands of people create better, more meaningful lives. That’s where Joy lead her and it also happen to take her sense of purpose, influence, and comfort to a whole new level along the way. 


So let’s mine some soul gold with a little soulful strategy today!


Schedule in just ten minutes this week to answer these three questions:

  1. When was the last time you experienced joy?
  2. What about that experience was joyful for you? 
  3. How can I bring more of that into my daily life and work in the world? Remember to get specific: What are 1-3 actions you can take within the next week to feel more joy, happiness, and meaning in your daily life?


The power found in your willingness to dig deeper - to mine beyond the obvious, will bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams and open the flood gates of consciously directed energy towards you (this can show up as more money, creativity, time, vitality, and so forth. Energy is energy, so when we clear one aspect in our life it often leads to a clearing in other areas). 


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Thank-you for all that you do and be,


PS. I'd love to know what you discovered from reading this article...share below.