Meant for Bigger Things? a story about me that will relate to you.



People often ask me how I ‘found my calling’ and how I created mission-based work in the world that’s not only emotionally and spiritually rewarding, but also financially rewarding. 


Here is my answer to that…


I didn’t ‘find’ my calling (like a lost earring or something), I created it. And I did that by leaning into my curiosity and most importantly, my fear


Fear, unless you’re in mortal danger, is a compass towards your potential.


When I started teaching yoga more than a decade ago it was not because I had a calling to teach yoga, it was because I was curious about yoga and I was deeply afraid of public speaking. I started out volunteering at a health center for a bit and then through an organization that taught mindfulness techniques to incarcerated and at-risk youth. I had to trek two hours from Brooklyn to the Bronx to co-teach a 60 minute class that often went nothing like we expected (that’s a story for another time). 


It was so. damn. hard. for me to show up to my classes, not because of the trek, but because my inner critic kept telling me, “You’re no good at this.” “Other teachers are way better than you.” “These kids hate you.” “How can you relate to them?!? you’re not incarcerated - you have nothing to offer them!” “just quit now before you totally make a fool out of yourself and they see what a loser you really are.” 


Can you see all this incredible inner work that following curiosity and leaning into my fear allowed for me to dive into? 


Each of those stories my inner critic voiced, gave me a choice. I could either agree with the voice by GIVING UP, or I could challenge the voice by RISING UP. {tweet this}


Due to a mentor in my life at that time (who actually encouraged me to volunteer in the first place), I challenged it. After a year of volunteering, I ended up getting hired by that organization. I worked with those kids for seven years. They blew my mind and heart wide open, taught me about resiliency, choice, the masks we wear, courage, and how to believe in myself - by teaching those very things to them. All those years ago, following my curiosity and fear, was the beginning of me creating the work in the world I do today. Of course my work looks different today and has expanded in it's expression, but at the heart of what I do is the same, I blow peoples minds and hearts wide open by teaching them about possibility and discovering their own potential so they can bring their full selves to the world.


What I know to be true (and why I’m sharing this story with you), is that you have something bigger and more beautiful in you to share with this world that you can possibly imagine…and you also have that voice of the inner critic inside you. It may not say the same things as mine, but if you’ve ever leaned into your curiosity and fear - you know exactly what I’m talking about. 


Whether it be stepping into a calling with more authenticity and courage, a career move, taking risk in love, moving to a new state or country, stripping yourself of an identity that is holding you back, making a lifestyle change, reaching for a new way to express yourself, or learning something new that challenges you…that voice will have a thing or two to say about it. 


So rather than running from it or playing way too small for the bigness that you long to live into, what if you saw it for the potential and possibility it could have on your whole world and possibly even, the whole world?


What if you let that curiosity and fear become your compass? 


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>>>In honor of curiosity, I’d love to hear from you.<<<

What are you curious about and also afraid of? And what is one action you can take today to lean into that fear?



To Bringing your Full Self to the World, 

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