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Your Dreams Are What Will Change The World

There is a famous speech, that even if we have never listened to it, we know what it's about. 

It's about a dream - a vision. And in expressing that dream fully, it changed the world and left it a better place for all of us. 

I often think about the changemakers of our history and what this world might be like if they listened to their doubt, instead of their faith. Or their worry, instead of their wonder. Or their cynicism over their belief. Because, rest assured, they felt the latter. Yet they chose otherwise. 

In my life and as a coach, I often wondered what made some people choose the latter. And what I have observed is that as people authentically meet themselves, and from that place, boldly go for their dreams - their dreams grow. They grow because 'who you have to become,' the character you develop in getting to your dreams - changes you. And in that change what you believe is possible for you and the world expands, and therefore your vision expands. It's like a muscle, a capacity thing, but with regards to character.

Follow your dreams today, and tomorrow you will become who you were always meant to be - a changemaker. 

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