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Beyond Motivation. Ready to Make Magic of Your Life?

It is wildly uplifting to me to witness someone going for their vision and their dreams with tenacity and courage. So today I am going to share 2 powerful lessons to getting there. 


Because our dreams and visions are the most precious thing we have.

Our dreams of finding our 'soul mate' or doing work in the world that truly fulfills us (and affords us the lifestyle we desire).

Our visions of living a life of depth, presence and purpose.

Our desires to have more adventure and like-minded community surrounding us.

Our Visions to be of service to others through empowering, inspiring, & leading by example. 

Our desires to see what we are made of and to go for something that simultaneously scares and ignites us. 

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The Fruits of Practice

There are moments in life when the current of energy seems to sweep you into the rip tide. These are the moments when we need ‘our rocks’ more than any other time. These are the moments when what we have been cultivating in the stillness can bare it’s Fruit. These are the moments I am SO grateful I have my practice… 

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