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Reckoning, Renewal, and Reinvention

There are times in our life when we are called into deeper reflection, more supportive self-care, and the space to re-define possibility for ourselves on a deep soul level.

These times often occur for us during transitionary moments in our life, which can be both inspiring and also downright necessary. Sometimes those moments in life call to us after an illness or a death. Sometimes it’s a nagging that’s been there for years, and finally, we just can’t ignore or numb it away any longer. And sometimes it’s a new phase on our timeline that feels important to us, such as a birthday or a profoundly new perspective/way of being that has soaked into our bones.

The reason for the call doesn’t matter as much as your intention for answering it - your willingness to lean into the whisper of your souls call and do the work it takes to bring your full self to the world. It’s this sort of reckoning, renewal, and reinvention that leads us to the fulfillment and freedom we seek, but you’ve got to be clear on three things if you’re to dive in with depth, honesty, and whole-hearted courage…

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