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How To Become Truly Present To All Life Has To Offer

On our path towards our desires, dreams, and a life fully lived - the goal is presence (not joy) along the journey. Presence will summon life force and truly 'life summoning through you is what it's all about." Sometimes presence will feel ecstatic and joyful and sometimes it will feel brutal and painful. To allow both the beauty and the brutality of humanity to be felt is to be truly deeply intimate with yourself and others and is the only path I have witnessed to living a truly full(filled) life.

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The Fruits of Practice

There are moments in life when the current of energy seems to sweep you into the rip tide. These are the moments when we need ‘our rocks’ more than any other time. These are the moments when what we have been cultivating in the stillness can bare it’s Fruit. These are the moments I am SO grateful I have my practice… 

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