What I Do When I Feel 'Stuck in a Rut'

Hey There Powerful One, 

Now I know it to be true - that you are powerful beyond measure, but have you ever had days when you didn't quite feel that way?

I'm talkin' about those days we don't post on social media (and I'm not talkin' about the aftermath when the lesson is learned and we've got inspiration to share). It's those days that seem out to get you. Those days that feel full of road blocks, doubt, frustrations, and boredom. 

Well, if you have ever had days like this then I have news for you - you're not alone. Those days get the best of us. There is no shame in being human and no shame in having days that you question everything. That's the first thing to remember when you get a visit from the gloomy poopy parade out to shit on your sunny peaceful parade (not sure where that came from, but going with it). 

Then once you pout it out a bit, accept yourself and love yourself anyways, you get to move on and make a new, more powerful choice. And I have just the antidote for you...

It's called a pattern Interrupt. What's a pattern interrupt, you ask? 


It's doing, thinking, or being different than you are in that moment. It's something that gets you out of the pattern you are in. Off the hamster wheel and out of 'the rut,' so to speak. 

Pattern interrupts can be lavish and adventurous and they can also be free and simple. They can sweep you off for weeks to a new country or they can give you a ten minute break to do something refreshing. 

If you are like me, you learn best with examples. So below I made a list of some of pattern interrupts that I have used in the past. It's helpful to make a list of your own, so when it's needed you can look it over and choose a few that suit you at that time. 


1. go for a 10-20 minute walk or go for a hike in nature

2. cold plunge. Nature is best, but a cold shower works well too

3. stretch and lie on some tennis balls or go to a yoga class

4. do handstands or 5 minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, etc.)

5. drive home a different route and listen to an inspiring audio book

6. take yourself out to a funny movie

7. watch an inspiring Ted Talk

8. go somewhere new (local or beyond)

9. plan and make a new meal you have wanted to try

10. try something new (like an improv class)

I have two opportunities coming up that may just be the perfect pattern interrupt for you...

1. Saturday, October 8th: Writer Yogis & Yogis Writing 1 Day Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Coming from afar and would like to make it a weekend? We've got you covered. GO HERE for more details. 

2. Oct. 23-Nov. 13th: 200 hour Women's Evolutionary Leadership Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. GO HERE for more details. 

Loving You,