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Deep work vs. hard work - an antidote to unworthiness

…When we do the deep work of connecting with our old beliefs and ways of being from the past, turning our ‘mess’ into our message, and re-writing the stories we most want to live into, we can see the path forward more clearly and are then able to lead from a place of deep work, rather than hard work.

From here, there is a truth and a freedom that enables us to…

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How to recognize the voice of your own heart…and why we must

It’s as though we are going through a collective shift that is calling us all deeper into our truth. Deeper into our capacity to hold and be held. Deeper into the courage it will take to listen closer. Deeper into the depths of our potential and ability to truly love ourselves and others…to love not only what is delightful, but what is also difficult. 

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How to tap into your creative potential

Our life is a dynamic and ever evolving work of art. It’s full of mystery and magic, pleasure and pain, seeking and surety. And what I know in my bones is this…we are not here to find anything (happiness, purpose, meaning, love)…we are here to CREATE it. 

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Resistance is our compass towards fulfillment + Free Masterclass

Are you living the life you know you’re meant to live or do you secretly feel envious of others success or adventures?

Do you wake up excited for your day ahead or do you feel lackluster about it, even dread it? 

Are you challenged in all the right ways, leaning into your growth edge and feeling enlivened by the obstacles in front of you…or do you feel a heavy internal force holding you back from taking powerful action towards your potential? 

Do you make lemonade when life gives you lemons, or do you fall into a rut of self-defeating habits when your world is painted yellow?

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The messy truth of change

…In a world where we’re told that ‘faster, bigger, better’ is success and  ‘having it all together’ is what will make you happy - it’s no wonder we tend to avoid exposing our messy truths, in particular, the messy truths of change… 

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8 Rituals that will change your life

Life is going to get full. Life has its seasons. Life is going to hit crossroads. 

…And when our life is full, in a season of transition, and at a crossroads…how do we come back to ourself? How do we let this season of our life BE, while also holding onto what matters most to us? 

Let me tell you a story of the season I’m in, and maybe my story will help you be with your own, with more ease…

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