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Ever felt stuck, unsure of your next steps, or a lack of harmony? READ THIS!

…However, when we live, love, and lead from this place, we feel whole and undivided within ourselves. We become untangled, we are more clear and confident about our next steps, and we feel the sweet notes of our unique existence (harmony) in both the tension and the release of our life. 

So today I’m sharing with you a process I created to help you discover and define your core values.

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Why am I not happier?

…Yet, those things didn’t lead me to lasting happiness either.

Again and again, I had chosen a very different approach to life, yet there I was…confused, ashamed to admit the truth, even to myself, thinking, “Why am I not happier?” I ran in the opposite direction, yet ended up exactly where I was seeing everyone else. Unfulfilled. 

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How to plan your year ahead with purpose, presence, and peace of mind

Purpose - a sense of meaningful accomplishment and contribution that truly feels like a gift to ourself and to the world…because we know that living is giving and change making belongs to all of us. 

We are the Seekers of “what else is possible?” 

Presence - a deeper connection to who we are in this world, what our values are, how we want to show up, and a clear roadmap for continued growth…because we know this precious life of ours is a perennial journey and who we are being always, always precedes what we do.

We are the Devotees of depth. 

Peace of mind - a confidence that resides from within enabling us to lean into the messy  as much as the marvelous. There is a feeling of sacred celebration for this life that leads us to act without attachment (we are more curious than afraid), to see our goals not as a place to arrive at, but rather, a place to come from, and to do the work (even when it’s hard)….because we trust, no matter what, we will be okay. 

We are the Changemakers courageous enough to bring our full self to the world.

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What does living an intentional life mean to you? (Plus WIN a spot in The Changemakers Collective)

When I write you, I imagine us sitting around a fire. There are others too. 

Our circle is as wide as our hearts are open and our stories are as diverse as the leaves on a tree. Yet, we all arrive in this space, together, with something that unites us. 

It connects us beyond our stories and our differences.  We come together, because we long to truly see and be seen. 

The truth. We are vastly vulnerable. 

The hope. We lean into it.  

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Can you love the problems that come with living intentionally? (Because ‘the mess’ doesn’t go away.)

You’ve made a decision. And not just any decision, but a decision that came from some deep, soul level, truth seeking inquiry…

…From giving yourself S P A C E to feel all the feels that come with taking risk. Not life threatening risk…life giving risk. 

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How can we remember to live intentionally? (when there is so.much.going on.)

Another thought. Another idea. Another option…charming us away from what matters most. 

When the unending tide…muddies the mind. When the unrelenting waves…leave only a semblance of our souls story. What will hold us to our life? How will we remember what matters most? 

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