Amber embodies magic and motivation. She is a powerful leader, and, as only the best leaders do, she uses her power to help others unlock their own. As a motivational speaker and coach, she inspires me on a deep level to discover and enact my greater potential and dream bigger than I would have dared to otherwise.
— Liza Monroy, Author/UCSC Writing Professor
Here on a mission to change the world through all she creates, Amber walks her talk and teaches from her rich history and life experience. A masterful storyteller and speaker, Amber inspires transformation through her Dharma talks and her life’s work. Always striving to bring her full self to the world, Amber truly Lives her YES!
— Sofiah Thom, Founder of the School of Temple Body Arts
Amber has the most infectious enthusiasm and zest for life, combined with deep wisdom and love. A living example of what she teaches, you just can’t help feel inspired to bring your full self to the world when you’re in her presence.
— Nisha Moodley, Women’s Leadership Coach

With a forthright and irreverently playful spirit, Amber has given presentations around the world inspiring visionaries, changemakers, and other wisdom seekers to bring their full self to the world.

Her presentations range anywhere from more experiential mind/body workshops, such as Neuro-Asana Medicine for Unlocking your Personal Power, to thought leadership experiences such as Soulful Lifestyle Design & Goal Setting for Changemakers.

As the creator of D.R.M: Dynamic Release Method and a teacher of mind/body practices and personal development for more than a decade, Amber is able to create experiences that expand the mind, release dis-ease in the body, and ignite the soul. She has taught workshops that integrate this powerful mind/body practice at conferences, festivals, and training programs around the world.


If you want to bring conscious leadership, soulful lifestyle design, and purposeful presence to your company, studio, school, or event, invite Amber to teach.


More About D.R.M

Dynamic: a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

Created by Amber Campion, Dynamic Release Method™ is a complete mind/body/soul recharge practice fusing yoga postures and breath-work, with mindset techniques, internal martial arts, and self-myofascial release using tennis balls.  

The effects of DRM seek to revitalize the nervous system keeping dis-ease from evolving into one word: disease. It's a balancing and grounding flow fusing both Yang (active) and Yin (passive) energies. This method is designed to build both intelligence and deep release in the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. Based on the principle of balancing polarities:

Sthira (Stability/Integrity/Refinement)

Sukha (Mobility/Flexibility/Expression)

DRM gracefully guides students to safely develop physical strength, create space for deep release in the body and mind, as well as cultivate the flow of inner power (vital life force), also known as Prana or Qi. 


Amber Campion has been teaching mindfulness and leadership since 2006. She is an international yoga teacher, life + leadership coach, martial artist, author, and the creator of Dynamic Release Method, a complete mind/body/soul recharge practice that focuses on re-aligning with our potential through clearing blocks both physically and mentally.

For more than a decade, Amber has designed one of a kind experiences for visionary women (and a few great men) supporting them to unlock their potential, both inside and out, so they can show up fully for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world at large, without sacrificing their truth or their well-being along the way. 

Her work bridges the forces of mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership, and storytelling in a poetic, practical, and accessible manner. She brings to the table more than a decade of experience as a mindfulness teacher, transformational leadership coach, and passionate, mission-based entrepreneur who has created, curated, and produced products, masterminds, online courses, retreats, & trainings all around the globe.

Her message to the world is that when we take the masks off we’ve been conditioned to wear, leaning into bringing our full self to the world - we become a part of the change. 

Most recently, she authored an innovative life design and goal setting guided journal, The Fulfillment Formula Journal + Companion Planner. This journal was published alongside The Changemakers Collective, a 4-week experience + community to create your year ahead with purpose, presence, and peace of mind.

Amber’s work has been featured in Positively Positive, Thrive Global, Thought Catalog, YourTango, and The Yogipreneur, and she has led workshops, retreats, and trainings throughout the world in such places as Nicaragua, Thailand, Morocco, Costa Rica, Canada, Peru, Bali, and all over the United States.

In 2019 she will be working on her first full-length book. 

What People Are Saying

Amber is a divine leader and powerful teacher - D.R.M is one of the best workshops I’ve been to for myself and for learning more about yoga philosophies and techniques! Knowledge from various styles of yoga was presented and each technique was taught with emphasis on form. Definitely take this workshop if you want to expand your understanding of deep emotional release and relaxation.
— Apoorva Rastogi, Engineering Programming Manager at Apple Inc.

I would travel far and wide to take class with you again. I’ve never met a teacher who has come close to the magnificence, presence, skill, and art of your classes.
— Elisha Sophia, Yoga Teacher & Healing Food Chef

Real. That is what I think of when I think of Amber and her teaching. In and out of the studio, on and off the mat, she is true to herself and her work is a reflection of that. She is badass in her own practice and in the work she creates. She is motivating, inspiring, creative, funny and authentically, REAL.
— Sloane Kusmack, Yoga Instructor

What is real for you?”, she asked the class. “What is real for you right now?”
I admire the authenticity that Amber brings to her teaching. She really does embrace “the beauty and brutality of life”, asking her students to bravely confront whatever they’re facing so they can move forward again. Her no-nonsense attitude reassures students that they’re not alone in whatever challenges they’re facing. She sugarcoats nothing, but brings humor into her stories at exactly the right moments. While Amber demonstrates some of the poses as she speaks (often just using some arm motions to show how the spine should move) the vast majority of the time she is walking at a measured pace around the room. The degree of vigilance that Amber employs with regards to her students allows her to correct alignment immediately, and to get a strong sense of how the class is feeling both mentally and emotionally at any moment.
I love that Amber invited her students to engage in “contemplative movement”, listening to their own intuition about how their body should move. At first this instruction seemed difficult for people to follow, but by the end of the class the students really seemed to be totally entranced, listening to their internal voice (perhaps for the very first time). Her classes really take on the art of theater in many ways, and without realizing it her students flow through moments of reflection, of humor, of effort, and of release. It is truly a gift to experience.
— Anne Martin, Yoga Teacher + Sustainable Food Policy Advocate