The changemakers quest

In Person Intensive with Amber (1-on-1 or in a small, intimate group setting).

The Quest is designed to enable you to create clarity, efficiency, and alignment in your personal, professional, and lifestyle vision using my signature method, The Fulfillment Formula: The 9 Core Aspirations of Life...

Together, we will get laser focused on your roadmap to authentic & sustainable success w/o all the 'shoulds.'

A clear roadmap helps you to be more confident, consistent, and committed in creating your best life - the one you were meant to live. 


Do you ache to feel fulfilled in your own life (personally, professionally, and spiritually)?

Do you feel overwhelmed with ideas and 'all the things' to do, that keeps you from taking powerful action forward?

Do you know clarity is what you need but you're tired of all the 'shoulds' and just want a masterful team player to guide and support you in helping you discover your own truth and your unique path to success? 

Do you have a calling or a vision, that must be answered, but just needs a bit of polishing...along with some strategy for managing all your other goals & desires?

Do you know it’s time to express yourself in the world with more clarity, confidence, and courage - to bring your full self to the world? 


In every QUESTion, there is an opportunity to begin a journey towards creating the life you most desire to live. It's your soul calling you home and beckoning you towards a life of more meaning and fulfillment. 

During our time together we will dive deep into your personal quest towards fulfillment, through exploring a powerful roadmap I created after more than a decade of coaching + personal, professional, and spiritual research and exploration. I call this roadmap, The Fulfillment Formula: The 9 Core Aspirations of Life™. This expedition will allow you to gain clarity, purpose, and direction in all nine areas of your life. We will thoroughly explore all the core aspirations to create a personalized path towards a life that truly uplifts you and illuminates the world. To close we will create a vision book to take away with you and remind you daily of the life you designed and are creating.  


9 core aspirations.jpg


In each area we will...

clearly define your Vision & identify your key Values so you can be certain that your vision and values are in alignment. This is a must for true & sustainable success.

Explore and understand your Purpose for your vision and the quality of People you most resonate with/and Person you need to be (character) in fulfilling your vision.

Create a clear pathway towards your Mission and bring it all together with a powerful Message that inspires you to stay on track in creating a life that is a game changer and change making. 

This is a life enhancing, powerful process that will bring deep clarity to your life & to your unique contribution in the world. 

The In-Person Intensives

I offer ONE or THREE day in person intensives with clients to design their best life and set 'SOULful' goals that feel aligned, meaningful, and joyful.  

This is for changemakers who are serious about designing their best life and creating the impact they were born to make.

 1 day intensive: 10am-7pm (1 hour for lunch)


3 day intensive: 3 days w/ each session lasting 3 hours. 

***Travel and lodging not included; accommodation, restaurant, and hiking/yoga/surfing recommendations nearby are provided upon enrollment. 


Contact Amber today if you'd like to discuss setting up a QUEST for yourself or for a small group.