What could you accomplish if you had a soul aligned clear vision, a roadmap for creating that vision in away that feels good along the journey, the support you need to move beyond obstacles, and access to game-changing mentors to help you along the way?

a 10 month mentorship for up to 10 PAssionate, change-making minded seekers who dare to reinvent themselves, creating a life that truly lights you up and illuminates the world.  

This 10 month mentorship, beginning March 17th, is a life accelerator and leadership expansion program designed to enable you to bring your full self to the world. It is a GPS towards uncovering your souls blueprint, living more intentionally, on purpose, and into your potential. I call this program The Changemakers Circle because when we start living in alignment with who we really are and want to create in this world, reaching for the life we most want to live, we become changemakers. You can not rise up without taking others along with you and when we lean into our deepest dreams and desires...

we create a better world.



This 10 MONTH JOURNEY is for a small group of passionate, change-making minded souls who are ready to enhance your confidence, deepen in courage, and create a vision for your life that is aligned with your values, gifts, and most authentic dreams. The Changemakers Circle is a profoundly supportive mentorship enabling you to develop practical and powerful techniques for living intentionally so you can achieve your goals with more joy and ease, live into the  dreams that you really want, and realize your potential as a force and leader in the 

You are a seeker who has an ache to feel truly fulfilled in your own life, a longing to belong and have real confidence in yourself, and a call to make a positive impact - to make a difference.

This journey will serve you deeply is you are at the edge of a transition (in your life or work in the world) and in the process of rediscovering/redefining/reinventing yourself. You may be unsure of what is next, but you know that living a life of ‘shoulds,’ feeling lonely, on auto-pilot, settling, people pleasing, numbing out, over-committing, and wishing you had someone else’s life is not it…

You know it’s time to CHANGE.

The results in a journey like this vary because your dreams and desires vary, but know this, if you do the work, your life will change.


This is NOT for you if…

  • You want easy answers, to be ‘fixed,’ or for me to tell you what should be on your website. There is no easy answer for creating anything truly extraordinary, I don’t fix people because you were never broken, and this is not a business training. This process is a deeply powerful personal, spiritual, and leadership journey. At times it will feel marvelous and at times it will feel messy. I’m only looking for people willing to get messy with me.


  • You’re unwilling to lean into difficult questions, ‘lazy’ beliefs, and possibility. I’m going to challenge you as much as I inspire you, this is how change occurs, not by me cooing you and agreeing with all your excuses. This journey will serve you if you are open to exploring and growing.


  • You have already designed and created the life of your dreams (both inside and out) and you are living into that vision daily. You are not perfect, but you are deeply fulfilled. You still have goals, dreams, and desires and each day you are taking clear and aligned action towards that bigger vision. You are contributing to the world in ways that both light you up and illuminate the world. Your life and days feel like pure art (even when its hard) because you are living on your own terms. There are zero ‘shoulds’ in the way you live, love, or lead. You are living a life that is  soulful, sovereign, secure, and of service. Keep it up! 

This is for you if...

  • You’re in the midst of change or reinvention and you want to make sure you’re staying connected to yourself, your truth, and your highest good in the middle of this important transition. 


  • You’re not falling apart at the seams. In fact, you’re fine. Your life is fine. Your health is fine. Your work in the world is fine. Your relationships are fine. And, well, fine is boring you. You want to play bigger and feel what it feels like to say those things are wonderful, extraordinary, marvelous, challenging in all the right ways. 


  • You get that to create anything truly extraordinary it’s both a messy and a marvelous process (think childbirth). You’re down for embracing the mess, so you can embody the marvel.


  • You’re lit up about being a part of a like-minded community and going DEEP with these peeps. You are SO READY for real and for depth. 


  • You’re ready to pull back the veil of labels and identities (business owner, corporate suit, employee, city gal, yogi, parent, daughter, son, wife, husband, good girl, good boy, rebel, achiever, the organized one, the forgetful one) that have held you in a life of ‘shoulds’ and expected roles to fulfill (that you may have outgrown, never fit into, or is need of reinvention).  You are excited to truly get to know YOU and understand who you are underneath the masks that have paved your path thus far. 



We gather together in honor of bringing our full self to the world. We gather together to grow, contribute, and celebrate life fully and with meaning. We gather together to see and be seen, to listen and to be heard, to inspire and be inspired. We gather together to be vulnerable - to face uncertainty, fear and doubt, together; and to be true with our soul - to look at our lives from the inside, out. We gather together to build more inner peace and resiliency. We gather together because we dare to redefine, redesign, and realign in a way that is more connected, courageous, and creative than ever before. 

We will jam on projects, relationships, priorities, next steps, important life + work in the world decisions, together. We will align with our values and our soul mission, together. We will expand in confidence and leadership, together. We will grow, contribute, and celebrate, together. We will allow our vulnerability to be seen and our courage to rise, together.

Because together, we are stronger.

This life changing journey is an opportunity to explore your deepest vision and calling for your life, your relationships, and your work in the world and to do this from a place of more ease, more care, more patience, and more love. 


The experience has four major aspects to it:

1. The Fulfillment Formula - a soulful and strategic approach to life design and goal setting. This process will enable you to uncover your souls blueprint (a design plan), to live with more intention and enthusiasm, to connect with what matters most to you, to feel more aligned with purpose, and to create a life on your own terms (there are 9 life design sessions over the 10 month journey). 

2. Support & Community - this is a major aspect of this journey and the back bone to your success. This level of support is intended to aid you in more authentic networking, accountability, being seen/heard, mining your soul for gold, and exposing blind spots. (there are monthly group coaching sessions with me, monthly S.A.C.R.E.D circles, 9 inspiring guest mentors, open office hours with me to book 1-on-1 time, plus a private facebook group). 

3. Personal & Spiritual Development - Nothing we create in our life will feel rich and meaningful without giving time to developing who we are in this world first. Over this 10 month journey you will learn mindset techniques/shifts, grow your emotional intelligence/resiliency, deepen into your truth/heart, uncover 'lazy' beliefs and old fears holding you back, and learn to honor your souls longings. (coaching sessions, life design sessions, mentor interviews, S.A.C.R.E.D circles + holding sacred space training, and so. much. more)

4. Leadership Development - Play bigger, contribute more, share your true voice, express your creativity and innovation with more clarity, confidence, and courage...that's what this is all about. (there will be a 'create your mission based project' intensive that will amp your soul-filled leadership skills and networking to whole new level - this is one of the aspects I am most excited about this year).  



As changemakers, we recognize our existence influences the people around us whether we're deliberately attempting that or not. Therefore, everything we do, we do in honor of impacting possibility for consciously creating a truly fulfilled and meaningful life. A life where we are compelled by growth, contribution, and celebration and are open to being honest, vulnerable, and courageous in our pursuit of bringing our full self to the world.

We believe change in the world must begin with us and so we begin by standing up for our own life, so that we can contribute in a way that lights us up and illuminates the world.

We shamelessly choose to reach for the potential of living into our fullest expression in this lifetime, our greatest adventure in this lifetime, our ultimate love story in this lifetime, and our most soul satisfying

Since fulfillment is not something taught in schools or commonly talked about at the dinner table in most of society, it truly is a radical act.

We embrace radical, so we can embody extraordinary.

We are not seeking to be perfect leaders, we are seeking to be authentic leaders. We are not driven by success according to 'shoulds', we are driven by fulfillment according to the soul. We are motivated by both purpose and play and we recognize that work life, personal life, and our spiritual life are intimately connected and therefore fulfillment is a (w)holistic pursuit.

And together, we are stronger.

We join in community to honor, strengthen, and support our commitment to welcome and persevere through the messy obstacles so we can be truly present for the marvelous opportunities.



Growth (personal, professional, and spiritual)


Contribution (defining, refining, and developing the gifts, personality, and character needed for your unique contribution to the world)



Celebration (creating relationships, with yourself and others, that spark ideas and inspiration; being a part of a conscious community where meaningful experiences, connections, & conversations are the norm)

About the Journey

This 10 month mentorship begins March 17th and has two levels to it:

The Changemakers Circle and The Changemakers Circle: elevated 


The Changemakers Circle includes...

  • A virtual 1/2 day retreat to deepen in connection, purpose, and intention w/ a mini special life purpose astro reading for each of you from a very special guest mentor
  • Monthly life and leadership group coaching sessions with me to 'work out the kinks'
  • Nine life visioning design group mentoring sessions with me and a beautiful guidebook
  • Open office hours to schedule 20 minute, 1-on-1 sessions with me for additional and personalized support
  • Nine inspiring guest mentors to inspire new possibilities in life, love, and leadership
  • Monthly S.A.C.R.E.D circles and one training session on how to hold and create sacred space to allow for deep reflection and discovery to take place
  • One 'create your mission based project intensive' that will expand your leadership & impact in the world from a place of authenticity and love 
  • An inspiring, supportive, and courageously real community w/ a private facebook page for connection, accountability, and support
  • Access to The Changemakers Collective opening in November of 2018, preparing you for the next year in a way that feels deeply aligned and supported

The Changemakers Circle: elevated includes...

all the above +

  • Eight 1-on-1 coaching calls with me
  • An epic retreat with me to Bali in October (The Changemakers Adventure)

Virtual 1/2 day Retreat


Connecting with your community in a meaningful and deep way is essential to this journey. In this opening circle we will get to know one another, explore our individual desires, and identify our greatest areas of growth, contribution, and celebration for the year. 

This event will be hosted in zoom (a virtual conference room), where we will focus on what it will take to create a purposeful, illuminating, and beautiful year ahead. We will also have a incredible guest mentor to give you a special reading that will deepen your reservoir of purpose and intention for the year. 

Group Mentoring


Each month, for nine months, we will meet in community (virtually) to dive deep into your most authentic vision for your life using my signature system, The Fulfillment Formula. We will explore, process, and workshop on three mindsets and nine categories for living with meaning and fulfillment.

The Three Mindsets of the Fulfilled

  • Growth-minded

  • Contribution-minded

  • Celebration-minded

The Nine Core Aspirations of Life

  • Health & Fitness: vitality
  • Productivity & Performance: creativity  
  • Career/Business & Calling: purpose
  • Love & Relationships: connection
  • Spiritual Life: presence
  • Leadership & Impact: Influence
  • Intellectual Life: inspiration
  • Emotional Life: balance
  • Finances & Lifestyle: comfort
Star Logo With Core Aspirations.png

Group Coaching + office hours


Each month, there will be a group coaching session using a virtual conference room. We will gather to connect, share what you desire support and reflection around, and receive 1-on-1 coaching time in a group setting from me. These sessions are the life blood of the mentorship and are a powerful opportunity to break through blocks, be seen, be heard, and be held. There will also be open office hours each month in which you can schedule 20 minute 1-on-1 sessions with me if additional support is needed. 

Guest Mentors


Each month, for nine months, we will meet in community virtually for an interview + Q/A time with changemakers from each of the nine core aspirations. It took me months to curate this astounding group who I know will burst your hearts wide open and stir up possibility like never before. 


S.A.C.R.E.D Circles


The mentorship will be broken into smaller groups (3-5 changemakers) based on your specific desires for the year. After the virtual training session in April, you will meet monthly with this group to connect, hold space, and most importantly...simply be seen and show up fully with both the messy and the marvelous parts of your life. This will be a safe space to show up with your insecurities, fears, and frustrations, just as much as your wins, exciting ideas, and breakthroughs. These circles often continue on, even after the mentorship is complete. After doing the training and mentorship you will be qualified to lead S.A.C.R.E.D Circles™ in your community.  

These circles are a place for us to be...

  • Safe (we honor confidentiality and differences, even when they’re hard)
  • Accountable (we show up for ourself and others with integrity & clear agreements)
  • Curious (we are eager to learn and grow; ask the deeper questions of ourself and others)
  • Receptive (we are willing to consider and accept new suggestions and ideas)
  • Empathetic (we process judgement with care, our own and others, and are willing to be with our own feelings and the feelings of another)
  • Daring (we are brave and willing to lean into discomfort; allowing for ourself and others to show up honest, ‘messy’, and vulnerably) 

The Intensive

The 'I CAN CREATE CHANGE" challenge

This intensive will expand your leadership and your impact in the world in a deeply profound and uplifting way. By the end of this challenge you will understand in your bones that life’s not about ‘me’ it’s about ‘we.’ In May we will have a deep dive session to inspire and brainstorm ideas for the mission/project you will be creating (it can be as complex or simple as you like and I will be armed with tons of resources for you all), next steps, and an action plan. 

  • 3-4 hour ‘create your mission based project’ intensive (each person leaving with an inspirational action plan)

  • Public access portal (website) presenting your project ('meet the changemakers') that will be promoted by me 

  • Resources and support

The Community


You’ll have access to this private online space to connect with the community and me for feedback, encouragement, and sharing. In this space we will jam on everything from love and relationships to professional decisions and strategies. 24/7 support at your fingertips.

The Collective


Life visioning, strategizing, and planning done with soul, meaning, and a tribe of like-minded folk. Doors to the collective open November 2018. We will begin with 21 days together (Nov. 27th-Dec. 17th) that will encourage you to slow down to speed up, let go to rise up, and create space to bring your full self to the world. 

  • 3, 2019 Soulful Life Planning Group Sessions with Amber

Module 1: Acknowledge

Module 2: Align

Module 3: Aim

  • 3, Group Coaching Sessions with Amber

  • The Changemakers Collective Guidebook

  • A Supportive and Private Facebook Community

  • Quarterly Community Review Sessions (in 2019)

The Changemakers Circle: elevated

Private Coaching


Throughout the 10 months, you will have eight one-hour private coaching calls with me. These sessions are laser focused time to explore what you’re creating in your world, be it in your personal or professional life. In these sessions we will re-wire your mind and heart towards your full potential by aligning your inner world with your outer world. We’ll dig into and unravel self-doubt, fear, and overwhelm. We'll soulfully strategize, purposefully plan, and process the most meaningful pieces of your life in a way that feels change-making and game changing. 

The Adventure

A RETEAT TO BALI (October 20-27)

This experience will open doors to deeper growth, contribution, and celebration and strengthen how you show up on your journey in all that you do and be.

This 1-week retreat will be a combination of DRM classes, workshops, mastermind “hot/heart seats”, adventure, and rejuvenation. Learn all about this beautiful adventure HERE.

*note: if you enroll for the The Changemakers Circle and would like to add the retreat (without 1-on-1 coaching), this can be added on for $600 off the retreat price. After June 1st it would be $500 off (if there are still spaces available). 

2018 enrollment closed

Amber is straight-forward, insightful and an authentically caring coach. She has given me invaluable tools that have supported me in creating a life that feels good. The work we’ve done went deep - it helped me see limiting beliefs that were running the show for so long. I feel like I had a reboot and an upgrade in my operating system that has changed my perspective and in turn my behavior. I’ve become a lot more self-aware and conscious about my actions so that they are in line with my Self and highest goals. My time with Amber was empowering to say the least. It has created a profound difference in my business, but more importantly who I am deeply as a person.

Drinie Aguilar, Yoga Teacher & Success Coach


When I decided to work with Amber I was unhappy with my job and unfulfilled by life. I was tired of being tired, I was stressed out and spaced out, I felt detached from people and life in general. I was ready to make big changes but I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go. Amber’s words resonated with me deeply as if they were speaking to me specifically. I wanted to bring my full self to the world. I knew I had a lot to offer but wasn’t living to my potential, not even close. I was used to doing everything myself, so for me seeking help with my personal and professional life was an act of desperation as well as one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Amber is a very intelligent and talented coach. She lives her own magic and is very capable in helping others to live their own as well. By the end of the session I felt enthusiastic, optimistic and enlightened. I think my experience with Amber’s coaching can best be described with a poem. “How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being; otherwise we would all remain too frightened.” - Hafiz

Working with Amber gave me the skills and mindset necessary to live my own magic. Not only did I learn to believe in myself, I found my life’s purpose, I was given a detailed plan to live that purpose and the skills necessary to stay focused and consistent and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

If someone could offer you happiness, purpose and fulfillment in your life, what would you pay? I believe working with Amber will give you a clear and concise method to achieve this and more. If Amber’s words speak to you but you are leery because of cost, look beyond that, because for me it has been one of the best investments I have ever made.

Barry Boullon
Raw Vegan Chef, Tea Enthusiast, Adventure Seeker

I came to a point in my life where I knew there was more but I wasn’t sure how to access the more. I needed help, guidance, and real steps to take. I wanted to design my life, not have life happen to me. I wanted to explore, learn and most importantly, no longer be held back by fear or the norms that have always been present in my life. I always look forward to my time with Amber, whether it’s a session, an email exchange or something she suggested I read! Amber’s positive energy is infectious and allows for your energy to shine, she draws it out of you. I am grateful for her thoughtfulness, listening skills and more than anything, the trust I place in her and our work. I am able to speak freely and know I am being heard and understood.

The work I do with Amber has changed not only the way I interact in the world, but how I interact with myself. There is now a choice in how I view every moment, Amber opened my eyes to this. Today, I have tools to shape my perspective — overwhelm is no longer in my vocabulary, they are now opportunities or challenges that I will grow from. I am now a subscriber to doing the best you can with what you’ve got and to keep going from there! My positive energy shines in all areas of my life, whether my family, friends or colleagues — I’ve been told, ‘you glow!’ My life has been so positively influenced by my work with Amber. This doesn’t mean things are always positive but I know how to move forward and for the first time in a very long time, I also know what I’m moving towards. I have clarity, thought provoking conversation, clear actions steps and a Coach who is there to guide me.

Ann Marie
Project Manager, Fulfillment Seeker

I was on the cusp of graduating from my Masters program and contemplating a move to Brussels for a job in international politics. Realizing that I had swept myself up in a career path that I hadn’t really stopped to fully consider, I decided to take a few months off work and school to travel, pick up a few odd jobs and soul search. I called 2016 my walkabout year, and during this time, I sought a life coach to help me get my head on straight and to see the path ahead more clearly.

Looking back on the coaching-mentee relationship that has developed between myself and Amber, I have been able to jump in (with her guidance!) to all of the questions I wanted answered about why I like what I like, why I do what I do and how to best activate myself through deep inner-knowing. Amber has helped me illuminate my patterns of thought (both beneficial and self-deprecating), retrain the way I think, and develop an infinite pool of energy and confidence for my projects and endeavors. As I interview for work that is better aligned with my vision, I continue to refer back to the personal mission statement she and I came up with as a way of conveying precisely how I aim to serve the communities with whom I choose to be involved. I have been able to identify the ways in which I may best be of service with my work, and having Amber’s assistance in identifying those ways has ignited a different kind of passion for my work that I hadn’t felt before. In addition, I have gleaned a number of meditation and visualization techniques that remove me from cyclical and destructive thought processes, and I feel I have walked away from our sessions with a better way of “dealing”.

Amber’s kindness, incisiveness, clarity in communication and gentle (but structured) guidance have challenged me in precisely the ways I had hoped to be challenged. Because I yearn to feel engaged and activated with my work, Amber’s coaching sessions have helped me access my passions with such alacrity that I do not fear falling into a trap of a dead-end job.

Her help in my process of getting to know (and love!) myself better has made me much stronger in my sense of self. I feel I have emerged on the other side more confident and activated in my journey forward. It was one of the best decisions I have made all year.

Alessandra Santiago
Environmental Engineer, Political Consultant, Champion for the Ocean, Storyteller