The Fulfillment Formula Journal + Companion Planner

This beautiful guided life design journal + soulful planner will enable you to envision, design, and create an enriched life of purpose, presence, and peace of mind with more ease and efficiency.

This is not a daily planner where you write down your meetings and appointments. This is a life design journal + companion planning system that supports you in defining, designing, and developing the one thing that matters most when it comes to creating a life of fulfillment…you. Think of it like a life coach you can carry around in your handbag!

Through a one-of-a-kind life design and goal setting application, to a series of provocative writing prompts and exercises, this book will inspire you to bring your full self to the world.  Every aspect is carefully curated to support you to create clarity for what really matters most to you, discover your truth with more depth, design a life with more meaning and on your own terms, and build your wholehearted courage muscle to live a life true to your whole self.

  • Undated 12 month calendar

  • Softouch UV hardcover

  • Gold coil bound

  • 6.5″ x 8.75″

  • 242 pages

  • Printed in the USA

The Fulfillment Formula Journal + Companion Planner

$64.95 includes shipping to USA  (arrives 5-7 days, once shipped)

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A little of what’s inside:

  • A new paradigm for goal setting that feels sustainable and more aligned with your truth.

  • The S.O.U.L Framework for creating a life of true and lasting fulfillment.

  • The ‘wheel of life’ assessment covering 9 major categories of life with a soulful evaluation for enhancing your experience of fulfillment.

  • A thought-provoking process for designing your life vision blueprint, using 6 powerful dynamics for creating a life on your own terms.

  • 2019/2020 Yearly calendars

  • Theme of the Year Discovery Process

  • Quarterly Milestones Calendars

  • The 4 T’s for Timelessness + Weekly Ritual Pages for creating A Truth list, a Task list, a To do list, and a Time suckers list.

  • The Art of Brainstorming for unraveling all the steps to achieving your ‘golden’ goals.

  • The Art of Block/Batch Scheduling for better time management and focus.

  • Parking Lot Pages to increase flow and follow through with all your big, beautiful ideas.

  • Monthly Undated Calendar so you can start your life design journey any month of the year + insightful end of the month reflection questions. 

*To get the most out of this book - Turn this book into a workshop! I highly recommend you join The Changemakers Collective - a 4 week experience guiding you and deepening into the processes in the journal, along with bonus material, inspirational interviews with changemakers, yoga/meditation classes, and a community of like-minded rebels with a cause. The book is automatically mailed to you when you join The Changemakers Collective.

What people are saying about The Changemakers Collective & guided Journal:

"OMG - Your program is causing me to take a deep-dive into my priorities and calling. Since starting it, I hand-sold one of my books to a random customer at a bookshop for the first time (I'm not one to normally talk up or pitch my own work!) And stood in a signing line for Jonathan Franzen when all I wanted to do was go home after his reading, and finally met him and he was awesome! I'm totally braving up to opportunities that, though small, I might have let pass by. I love the seminars/webcast and can't get enough of the journal. I always have it in arms reach when feeding the baby and after putting in my near-daily writing time." -Liza

"I feel like I get a seat at a table with a calibre of people that are my next level up and the course has just begun. Like a junior associate sitting with a table of Partners! (I've clearly watched too many episodes of Suits) anyway, I feel very blessed (to be a part of this community)."  -Clare

"I have been really enjoying the recordings of our first two sessions with The Changemakers Collective. As someone who has had a consistent journal for my adult life, I adore the companion journal you have created to go along with it. It has moved me already." -Tori


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