a kickstart soulful life design E-course

Join mission based entrepreneur and inspirational teacher/coach Amber Campion, as she guides you through a 4 day illuminating process that will help you to design and create your life with more meaning, purpose, confidence, positive impact, and fulfillment. 


Session 1: Release & Rewire your brain for true and lasting fulfillment 

In session 1 you are introduced to my signature system, The Fulfillment Formula, plus the 3 mindsets of the fulfilled that go along with it. We dive into a 'clearing the clutter' process and close with learning the 7 mind traps that derail all humans from showing up in life the way we most desire to (game changer!). 

Session 2: Envision & Evolve with more ease, confidence, and impact

In session 2 I introduce you to 9 core aspirations of life as we dive into a couple processes that will help you create more fulfillment in your life. I close by introducing you to 4 Time Mastery Principles that will open you to more ease and meaningful productivity. 

Session 3: Plan & Prioritize what matters most to you and for the love of baby toes, make it count

In session 3 you will learn how to define and honor your optimal rhythm when planning and prioritizing, creating more flow and joy in the process. We will also do some powerful work around your annual theme, priorities, and quarterly milestones in a way that makes planning fun!

Session 4: ILLUMINATE - create a life that lights you up and illuminates the world

In session 4 you will move from fear to love as I guide you through a process that will empower you to tap in 'your greatest currency.' I will then teach you a 10 minute meditation and mindset practice I created for creating some serious magic in your life (neuroscience backed techniques). I close by inviting you to explore how you can dive deeper into truly creating a life that lights you and illuminates the world. 


Ready to feel more focus, more freedom, and more fulfillment? Get illuminated!

PLUS, as a bonus you'll receive access to her neuroscience backed 10 minute Magic Mindset Meditation.

I’m so grateful for having your amazing guidance to get clear on what I want to create in my life and how I can contribute to making the world a better place. I was feeling lost and confused about my next steps and now I have a completely different mindset that is making a change and change making at the same time. I’m feeling focused, free and fulfilled. You are an inspiring woman, leader and teacher!”
— Marcella (Brazil)
“It was game changing for me when you said “who do you have to become to achieve your goals?” It made me realize that the reason I’ve given up so many times before was because I was limiting myself by utilizing only what I had on hand and that yes, I do actually need to step it up! I now have 5 priorities that really excite me! They feel totally achievable, are definitely challenging, and include some smaller goals as the “Actionable Steps.” I know I will need to step out of my comfort zone and become a better version of myself to achieve them! So thank you! I’m feeling, focused, free and fabulous right now ... aiming for fulfilled soon. So grateful!”
— Clare (Australia)

Described as a masterful storyteller and speaker by her peers, Amber Campion is a writer, teacher, and visionary life coach whose work invites you to boldly create a life that both lights you up and illuminates the world.

She has been featured in Positively Positive, Thrive Global, and The Yogipreneur and has led workshops, trainings, and retreats worldwide in places such as Nicaragua, Thailand, Morocco, Costa Rica, Canada, Peru and all over the United States.

Amber designs one of a kind experiences enabling seekers to more authentically and courageously bring their full self to the world. She is the creator of The Fulfillment Formula™, a soulful and strategic approach to defining, designing, and building a fulfilling life on your own terms, and is also the creator of D.R.M - Dynamic Release Method™, a mind/body/soul recharge practice that fuses yoga postures, breath-work, meditation, mindset techniques, internal martial arts, and self-myofascial release using tennis balls. She is the founder of The Changemakers Circle, a 10 month life accelerator and leadership expansion mentorship, as well as The Changemakers Adventure, an annual personal development, soulful lifestyle design, and adventure retreat.