Amber has the most infectious enthusiasm and zest for life, combined with deep wisdom and love. A living example of what she teaches, you just can’t help feel inspired to bring your full self to the world when you’re in her presence.
— Nisha Moodley Women’s Leadership Coach
When I decided to work with Amber I was unhappy with my job and unfulfilled by life. I was tired of being tired, I was stressed out and spaced out, I felt detached from people and life in general. I was ready to make big changes but I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go. Amber’s words resonated with me deeply as if they were speaking to me specifically. I wanted to bring my full self to the world. I knew I had a lot to offer but wasn’t living to my potential, not even close. I was used to doing everything myself, so for me seeking help with my personal and professional life was an act of desperation as well as one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Amber is a very intelligent and talented coach. She lives her own magic and is very capable in helping others to live their own as well. By the end of the session I felt enthusiastic, optimistic and enlightened. I think my experience with Amber’s coaching can best be described with a poem by Hafiz: “How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being; otherwise we would all remain too frightened.”

Working with Amber gave me the skills and mindset necessary to live my own magic. Not only did I learn to believe in myself, I found my life’s purpose, I was given a detailed plan to live that purpose and the skills necessary to stay focused and consistent and live a happier and more fulfilling life.

If someone could offer you happiness, purpose and fulfillment in your life, what would you pay? I believe working with Amber will give you a clear and concise method to achieve this and more. If Amber’s words speak to you but you are leery because of cost, look beyond that, because for me it has been one of the best investments I have ever made.
— Barry Boullon Raw Vegan Chef, Tea Enthusiast, Adventure Seeker
When I started to write this love note to Amber about the kind of woman she is, there were so many rich paths I could take. I could tell you about how she is so completely down to Earth, how she effortlessly folds all those around her into a warm presence and joy. I could have talked about the contradiction of a woman who thrives living in the great adventure of life as much as the quietest moment, you could be reading about how easy it is to feel gotten and connected in her presence, how her actions, movements words are equally authentic and intentional but what I want you to know about is how she lives the ethos of a fulfilled woman. I found this quote by MLK so relevant to the work that she has been put on this beautiful planet to do “Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.” Amber is not only living the depth of a fulfilled woman, she wants us each to find that inaudible language of the heart that comes when WE find the satisfaction and happiness that comes from fully developing the gifts, qualities and character needed for our unique contribution to the world. It is with her unique gifts (master yogini and writer), qualities (joy and presence) and character (principled, forthright and sincere) that she wants to lead you down the path to your own unutterable fulfillment.
— Wendy K Yalom International Leader in Personal Branding Photography
I came to a point in my life where I knew there was more but I wasn’t sure how to access the more. I needed help, guidance, and real steps to take. I wanted to design my life, not have life happen to me. I wanted to explore, learn and most importantly, no longer be held back by fear or the norms that have always been present in my life. I always look forward to my time with Amber, whether it’s a session, an email exchange or something she suggested I read! Amber’s positive energy is infectious and allows for your energy to shine, she draws it out of you. I am grateful for her thoughtfulness, listening skills and more than anything, the trust I place in her and our work. I am able to speak freely and know I am being heard and understood.

The work I do with Amber has changed not only the way I interact in the world, but how I interact with myself. There is now a choice in how I view every moment, Amber opened my eyes to this. Today, I have tools to shape my perspective — overwhelm is no longer in my vocabulary, they are now opportunities or challenges that I will grow from. I am now a subscriber to doing the best you can with what you’ve got and to keep going from there! My positive energy shines in all areas of my life, whether my family, friends or colleagues — I’ve been told, ‘you glow!’ My life has been so positively influenced by my work with Amber. This doesn’t mean things are always positive but I know how to move forward and for the first time in a very long time, I also know what I’m moving towards. I have clarity, thought provoking conversation, clear actions steps and a Coach who is there to guide me.
— Ann Marie Project Manager & Fulfillment Seeker
Here on a mission to change the world through all she creates, Amber Campion walks her talk and teaches from her rich history and life experience. A masterful storyteller and speaker, Amber inspires transformation through her Dharma talks and her life’s work. Always striving to bring her full self to the world, Amber truly Lives her YES!
— Sofiah Thom, Founder of the School of Temple Body Arts
I was on the cusp of graduating from my Masters program and contemplating a move to Brussels for a job in international politics. Realizing that I had swept myself up in a career path that I hadn’t really stopped to fully consider, I decided to take a few months off work and school to travel, pick up a few odd jobs and soul search. I called 2016 my walkabout year, and during this time, I sought a life coach to help me get my head on straight and to see the path ahead more clearly.

Looking back on the coaching-mentee relationship that has developed between myself and Amber, I have been able to jump in (with her guidance!) to all of the questions I wanted answered about why I like what I like, why I do what I do and how to best activate myself through deep inner-knowing. Amber has helped me illuminate my patterns of thought (both beneficial and self-deprecating), retrain the way I think, and develop an infinite pool of energy and confidence for my projects and endeavors. As I interview for work that is better aligned with my vision, I continue to refer back to the personal mission statement she and I came up with as a way of conveying precisely how I aim to serve the communities with whom I choose to be involved. I have been able to identify the ways in which I may best be of service with my work, and having Amber’s assistance in identifying those ways has ignited a different kind of passion for my work that I hadn’t felt before. In addition, I have gleaned a number of meditation and visualization techniques that remove me from cyclical and destructive thought processes, and I feel I have walked away from our sessions with a better way of “dealing”.

Amber’s kindness, incisiveness, clarity in communication and gentle (but structured) guidance have challenged me in precisely the ways I had hoped to be challenged. Because I yearn to feel engaged and activated with my work, Amber’s coaching sessions have helped me access my passions with such alacrity that I do not fear falling into a trap of a dead-end job.

Her help in my process of getting to know (and love!) myself better has made me much stronger in my sense of self. I feel I have emerged on the other side more confident and activated in my journey forward. It was one of the best decisions I have made all year.
— Alessandra Santiago Environmental Engineer, Political Consultant, Champion for the Ocean
Amber embodies magic and motivation. She is a powerful leader, and, as only the best leaders do, she uses her power to help others unlock their own. As a motivational speaker and coach, she inspires me on a deep level to discover and enact my greater potential and dream bigger than I would have dared to otherwise. As a yogi, she leads me to deeper exploration and greater play; in a practice that now spans fifteen years, she is the best teacher I’ve encountered. And she does it all with humor, laughter, and light! Amber is more than a yoga guru, more than a success coach, and always a dear friend. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do on the national stage as she expands her ever-growing reach.
— Liza Monroy Author, Journalist, UCSC Writing Instructor
I have much gratitude for my time working with Amber. She is straight-forward, insightful and authentically caring as a coach. She has given me invaluable tools that have supported me in creating a life that feels good. The work we’ve done went deep - it helped me see limiting beliefs that were running the show for so long. I feel like I had a reboot and and upgrade in my operating system that has changed my perspective and in turn my behavior. I’ve become a lot more self-aware and conscious about my actions so that they are in line with my Self and highest goals. My time with Amber was empowering to say the least. It has created a profound difference in my business, but more importantly who I am deeply as a person.
— Drinie Aguilar Yoga Teacher, Success Coach
Amber holds space for people to flourish. She uses words like acupuncturists place needles, going directly to the pulse of the matter and offering a healthy dose of raw introspection and empowerment.
— Meghan Thiele Professor of Sociology, Yogini
You should know that it wasn’t until I watched you speak in that webinar that I thought...this is something that I must do. I was so inspired by your humor, your wisdom, your commitment, your incredible work ethic, your patience, your advice...everything. I know that your life has taken millions of twists and turns, and it shows in your ability to relate to people, to love unconditionally, to resist judgement, to see the world through the eyes of others, and to inspire. Again, I just want to say thank you, and to tell you that this morning as I meditated (I’ve finally committed to meditating every morning, I still can’t believe it) that all that crossed through my mind was gratitude. Gratitude that your life crossed mine, and carried me through for awhile. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see you again.
— Anne Martin Sustainable Food Policy Advocate, Yoga Teacher
I was feeling stuck and unbalanced in my life and needed someone to help me step back and look at where I was and where I wanted to go. Amber instantly put me at ease so it was really easy to open up and be vulnerable in each session. She’s an amazing listener with great instincts and often picked up on things that I hadn’t connected the dots on yet. I always felt like she knew me and what I needed, and she was adjusting and adapting any coaching techniques directly to me. Plus she always had resources for me to read or watch to learn more on my own. I walked away from every session feeling more positive and optimistic. I have much more patience for myself these days and slow down more often to look at the big picture and listen to myself. Amber taught me so many little tips and techniques to live my life in a more conscious way, and I’ve implemented so many into my daily life. Sometimes the smallest adjustments make the biggest impact. If you’re considering working with Amber, do it. You’ve been led to her for a reason, so pay attention to what that reason is. Then work with her to face it together.
— Meghan Aftosmis New Yorker, Adventurer, Storyteller, Advocate
after a huge amount of procrastination I had a direct conversation about what I should earn for my job in Italy and it was a success! I had a less than ideal meeting and then followed up with a concise email regarding my role and it was returned with meeting what I had asked for. I had almost asked for less worrying that it was too much and I’m so happy I didn’t. The whole time I had our session in my head guiding me thru my truth. It has definitely been an experience in seeing results from the work we have done together.
— Marion Freel Yoga Teacher
Thank-you for helping me change my game of life. I think back to where my life was one year ago and I never would have dreamed that I could have landed where I have. You inspired, encouraged, and most importantly of all, you loved me through this process. Thank-you for your guidance and coaching.
— Sarah Latta Yoga Teacher
I have worked with a number of coaches and I can say without hesitation that Amber’s heart, authenticity and dedication to her craft is unparalleled. Amber is real, Amber is raw; Amber is intensely present, and she cares deeply about your success. Amber is thorough and studied, serious and playful, structured and flexible. Amber is open minded and vulnerable, yet strong and professional. Amber learns with you, she is “in process” always and forever, a full time student of life carrying the nuggets of wisdom that she brings down from the top of the mountain to share with the rest of us generously. Working with Amber has helped me in many ways and has left me with many tools that serve me each and every day. I have the highest respect for Amber as a coach, a teacher, an advocate and a friend. Whatever is going on your life, Amber will add value and insight to your human experience, guaranteed.
— David Solomon Yoga Teacher
Amber’s coaching changed the way I approach my daily living, my work, and aspirations. Her insightful and inspiring coaching helped me define my path and a personalized approach to living myself into my dreams as a slow, trusting, and curious process. I’m a scientist, so I’m disciplined and organized. But I don’t believe science can explain the magic that happens when we get clear on the soul’s desires, the most authentic self, and then follow the calling that comes from within. With Amber’s guidance, I have developed new tools for my work that I apply every day and created new rituals and community in my life that allow me to be more present, while also pushing me to grow.
— Lauren Oakes Scientist, Writer