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Design Your Life, Inside and Out

a 10 week personal development and lifestyle design course for the precious, wild unfolding of your soul.

Soulful Life Mastery ™ a course to get you living life both 'in the game' and 'in the moment' while deliberately designing a life you love in all the major areas of life that you aspire to achieve not just success in, but deep level fulfillment.

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10 CORE live training MODULES, Group Coaching, Action Guides, Life Visioning Guides, plus tons of BONUS resources to help you along the way in consciously creating the life you most want to live 

…and start taking action towards what you really want to do, be, have, and create.

How getting clear & confident on the life you want changes everything
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While it’s true that not everyone will immediately and radically change their lives, you will be given the tools to up-level your life and resources to guide you if you get off track.

The goal here is to get you in the game and in the moment, rather than waiting for the change you desire to just 'magically' happen to you. 


Because your life is meant to be a work of art - an expression of your values, your imagination, your dreams, your gifts. It’s not meant to be a ‘hamster wheel’ of never ending to-do lists, tasks, “one day” statements, and lost hopes and dreams.

You truly are the creator, designer, writer, and director of your own life and when you step into that potential, you make the world a better place. The Dalai Lama said, “With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

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Who's This for...

You’ve got big ideas and a big heart. You’re easily bored with trivial conversation and a 'settling' attitude about life. The truth're driven by a deep desire to create and to reach for your potential. Whether you recognize it or not…

You. are. a. visionary.

Yet, life isn't quite rolling out as you thought it would, it may be good 'enough', but deep down you know there is so much more for you to do, be, and have. You are done with feeling drained, bogged down by 'all the things' to do, and like you don't have control of your life. 

You want more... 


Creative Expression.


Enthusiasm for Life.

Meaningful Productivity.  


During the Soulful Life Mastery program, we will dive deep into both your inner and outer worlds so that you can become crystal clear on not only what you want, but who you need to be to create that life. We will map out every vision, intention, and goal you want to experience and explore what it really takes (both the inside game and the outside game) for your inevitable fulfillment.

Wherever you are in your life, this course is designed to help you bring your full self to the world and create a full spectrum awareness of how to truly create not just a successful life, but a truly fulfilling life.

As you create clarity with your vision, confidence with your ability, and reach for your potential, you not only create a DEEPLY FULFILLING LIFE, but you also create the impact you were meant to make...creating a better world through your very presence.

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This process was like a magical formula for what I wanted to manifest in my life this year. It helped me to get clear on my life vision and take actions that are aligned with it. I feel more space in my schedule, I have time to nurture my relationships, and I feel very creative. As a holistic doctor that has a “whole” perspective, I knew that my professional life wasn’t the only area that needed attention, but every area, including personal and spiritual. I now have the tools to keep my life at this level of fulfillment.
— Marcella

This signature course will train you in:

  • how to get crystal clear on a life vision that lights you up and illuminates the world, with a strategic and soulful action plan to create it. 


  • powerful science backed mindset techniques to keep you in the game and in the moment

  • life enhancing habits that will change the way you feel and show up every day 

  • productivity rituals that will create space and time for what really matters most

  • prosperity practices that will grow you at any level and foster peace of mind 

What makes this lifestyle design program different is that it combines both strategic and soulful personal development tools for dramatically enhancing ones life that are sustainable, simple, and focused on something much more than success alone - they are focused on creating a life of deep, soul level fulfillment. Plus, the Fulfillment Formula is a signature method, totally one of a kind, and has empowered other visionaries, like you, to transform their life, both inside and out. 

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What You’ll Create...

  • Design a life that feels like a ‘YES!’ and gets you excited to wake up each day

  • Feel more connected to a sense of purpose and passion than ever before

  • Feel healthier and have a better grip on how to deal with life circumstances

  • Eliminate time draining activities, creating more space for what matters most in your life

  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs and patterns, gaining a new level of awareness and control over your habits and behaviors

  • Generate energy, balance emotions, and ignite inspiration

  • Enhance your presence in the world

  • Create deeper connections

  • Increase your capacity for influencing others positively

  • Clarify your values and what you’re a stand for

  • Develop confidence and clearly define your version of authenticity, joy, and fulfillment

  • Learn powerful, soulful goal setting strategies that pull you towards your vision, rather than push you and feel like a 'should'

  • Become clear on the parts of you that need re-defining for you to create your best life

  • Bring your full self to the world and become the changemaker you were always meant to be

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Today, I have tools to shape my perspective — overwhelm is no longer in my vocabulary, they are now opportunities or challenges that I will grow from. I am now a subscriber to doing the best you can with what you’ve got and to keep going from there! My positive energy shines in all areas of my life, whether my family, friends or colleagues — I’ve been told, ‘you glow!’
— Ann Marie
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MODULE 1: The Roadmap to Fulfillment

MODULE 2: Clearing the Clutter + Your Personal Journey to Vitality (Health + Fitness)

MODULE 3: Soulful Goal Setting + The Premise of Balance (Emotional Life)

MODULE 4: The Engine of Inspiration (Intellectual Life)

MODULE 5: The Unfolding Of Presence (Spiritual Life)

MODULE 6: Creating Extraordinary Connections (Love + Relationships)

MODULE 7: Defining your Purpose (Career/Business + Calling)

MODULE 8: The Path to Creativity (Productivity + Performance)

MODULE 9: The Art of Influence (Leadership + Impact)

MODULE 10: Designing a Life of Comfort (Finances + Lifestyle)

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Working through a key component of the Soulful Life Mastery program, ‘The 9 Core Aspirations’ process made it clear to me what I love, why I do what I do, and gave me confidence to steer my life in the direction I wanted. If I hadn’t met Amber I’d probably still be working my 9-5 job that I was completely unfulfilled in because the paycheck was decent. She is a master at clearing away the junk that keeps us circling the same worn out path we know we don’t want to be on anymore.
— Jean-Paul

What You’ll Receive…

1. 10 LIVE Personal Development + Life Visioning Training Calls

This program has 10 training calls that will be presented as a LIVE, webinar style, course. Each training will be recorded and sent to you, as well as placed in the membership site for easy access at any time.


2. DONE FOR YOU Life Visioning Guides | Actions Guides | Resource Guides

Each module will have beautifully designed Life Visioning Guides to easily enable your journey in clarifying your potential and mapping out the life you most want to live. The modules will also have Actions Guides to assist you on your personal development journey and help keep you on track.


3. Incredible BONUS Resources

Productivity rituals, mindset techniques, prosperity practices, and plenty more resources will be added each week to the module being covered. These tools will inspire you, motivate you, and help guide you along this incredible journey to Soulful Life Mastery.


4. Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group.

This is where you’ll connect with our community of visionaries out to create their best life, connect with accountability partners (highly recommended, but not required), share breakthroughs to inspire others, ask questions, PLUS receive weekly coaching directly from Amber during the “ASK ME ANYTHING” sessions.  


5. Lifetime Access to the Soulful Life Mastery course.

The 10 module training calls are live (woo hoo), but they are also recorded for those who can’t make it live or prefer to pace this course a bit slower. You will have lifetime access to the all the material in this program. Having the peace of mind that you can dip back into the course at any time is so valuable. Plus, each time the course is re-released, you’ll get access to the newest version of each module.


6. A 21 day Money Back Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose! If this program does not meet your expectations, you’ll have 21 days to get a full refund. All you have to do is reach out within 21 days from the program start date, turn in all your course work for the first 3 modules with a brief explanation of why you feel this program is not working for you, and you’ll be fully refunded.

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PROGRAM BEGINS: Monday, October 2nd 

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Money Back Guarantee: you have until October 22nd to receive a refund (21 days/3 modules) - you simply must submit your course work no later than Oct. 22nd, 2017 to be eligible for the refund. For Terms & Conditions Click Here

I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Soulful Life Mastery into action. That’s why I’m giving you a full 21 days to go through the first 3 trainings, keep up with the actions, implement the visioning process, and fully step into soulfully mastering your life.

If you reach out to us within 21 days and show us that you’ve kept up with all the work (you have to show us proof via your actions and life visioning process course work), and for some reason you still haven’t seen any progress, then I’ll be happy to return the investment. But, you DO have to do the work. Soulful Life Mastery is for ambitious visionaries who are committed to implementing new strategies, and NOT for ‘tire kickers’ only interested in collecting more information or having someone 'fix' them. You absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.

There’s so much transformation waiting for you on the other side of this training, and since my main goal is your fulfillment, I’m not afraid to dish out some tough love when it comes to holding you accountable. 

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“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman

It's time to soulfully master your life

You get all the above for only $997

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