Do You Feel You've Fallen Behind?


Raise your hand if, at least in one area of your life, you feel you’ve fallen behind. Because I’ve never known any ambitious souls who haven’t, at least at some point in their life, felt like they’ve ‘fallen behind.”


Fallen behind with... 


Their Self Care

Their E-mail

Their Work

Their Dreams


They hadn’t completed all the things on their ‘to do’ list, or finished that book they started, or signed up for that class they’ve been wanting to take.


And then there’s the “BIG things”...


They hadn’t yet...


met the love of their life

gotten married

bought a house

started a family

hit 6 figures

hit 7 figures

paid off their debt

discovered their purpose

traveled to that country on their bucket list



If everyone’s feelin’ this way, in at least one area of their life, then wouldn’t it be wise to ask ourselves,


“What exactly do we think we’ve 'fallen behind'?!”


What or who are we comparing ourselves to?

What rules of when and how ‘it should all be done’ are we following anyways? And why are we following those rules in the first place? Whose ideals are we trying to live up to? Our families, our religions, our social groups, our schools, our friends, our social media feeds???


The truth is...

feeling behind comes from a painted picture of how we think life ‘should’ look based on our gender, our age, our experience, our culture, and any other box we’ve placed around ourselves so that we feel we ‘fit in’ - we belong.

We race against time to ‘keep up with the joneses,’ yet the absurd nature of this whole race is that we never really liked the Joneses! We never ‘fit in’ their ticky-tacky box and yet here we to keep up, to not fall behind.


There is only one way to do this thing called life...

and that way is YOUR WAY. There’s no going back, only I ask you, are you ready to do it your way?

Because one thing I know for sure, if you’ve got even an ounce of ambition in you, you will never stop having the desire to aspire towards your potential. And if you do resist that expansion, you’ll feel an ache deep in your soul. You may not have fallen behind, but you will have fallen your life.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change some things up. In fact, I believe that desire, when directed from your soul rather than a ‘should’, is a powerful guidance system moving you towards the fulfillment of your deepest dreams.


Let’s stop trying to keep up and start defining, designing and creating a life our way. Our painted picture is a choice. It can be painted the way we think it should look or we can paint it the way we want it to look.

If you’re living life your way, then there’s no way to fall behind. {Tweet This}

When you soulfully master your life, you get to be in your life and the best way I know to be there, is to be there fully...To Bring Your Full Self to the World.

>>> Now I’d love to hear from you<<<

Where do you feel you've fallen behind in your life?

Is this something or someone else's ideal your trying to live up to? 

Is there another way you could look at it?


To Bringing our Full Self to the World…together,

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