How to stop screwing yourself over

Did you know that the odds of you being born - You, at the moment in time you were born, to the parents you were born to, with your unique DNA structure, is 1 in 400 trillion! Imagine that! 1: 400,000,000,000,000 - that's A LOT of zeros.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that your very existence is EXTRAORDINARY. You are already enough by the very nature of your presence. So my question to you then is this...

Are you living up to that legacy? Do you feel that your potential in life, love, and leadership is being tapped into? Or are you 'waiting for a better time' - when the kids are grown, when you have more money, when life isn't so busy. when you know more. when you're 'more' ready. 

I know these questions can feel harsh, but hear me when I say this, they are love. Some of you will see that and some won't. I think most of us have been taught that love is not upsetting others. Not rocking the boat. Not creating tension. I say love IS being willing to upset others, rock the boat, and create tension...because it's in those places that we are outside our comfort zone, reaching our hand out for others to join us. It's those places we are acting, not out of fear and worry of discomfort, but rather, acting from the potency of a vision, a dream, a mission. We know those people. We speak of them as if they are gods, but they are no smarter than you or anyone else. They simply stopped saying everything is FINE, got up and did something about those ideas, dreams, and hopes they had. 

Thought leader and author, Mel Robbins says boldly (and to the discomfort of those who know this is true for them on some level - which is all of us by the way), "You have life changing ideas for a reason! All day long you have ideas that could change your life, that could change the world, that could change the way you feel. And what do you do with them? Nothing."

The first step is acknowledging this and then asking yourself whether or not you are willing to act on them or continue to let your excuses have more weight and value than your big, beautiful dreams. Once we move past this first step, it's the next part that can be where so many give up or feel stuck and overwhelmed. I know this first hand. 

This is why I created The Changemakers Circle. It's a mastermind and creative partnership to support you to bring your full self to the world and step into your legacy. This is for you if you are a bright, high achieving entrepreneur, executive, scientist, or other like-minded visionary professional who is ready to re-define what is possible in life, love, and leadership.

 I invite you to apply for The Changemakers Circle. Applications close March 20th (3 spots left). 

And for some serious motivation and insight, watch this Inspirational TED TALK (21 minutes) by Mel Robbins. She exposes some fantastic tips on how to stop screwing yourself over (love that). There are two in particular that are actionable and take just seconds to do. 



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