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What does living an intentional life mean to you? (Plus WIN a spot in The Changemakers Collective)

When I write you, I imagine us sitting around a fire. There are others too. 

Our circle is as wide as our hearts are open and our stories are as diverse as the leaves on a tree. Yet, we all arrive in this space, together, with something that unites us. 

It connects us beyond our stories and our differences.  We come together, because we long to truly see and be seen. 

The truth. We are vastly vulnerable. 

The hope. We lean into it.  

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Can you love the problems that come with living intentionally? (Because ‘the mess’ doesn’t go away.)

You’ve made a decision. And not just any decision, but a decision that came from some deep, soul level, truth seeking inquiry…

…From giving yourself S P A C E to feel all the feels that come with taking risk. Not life threatening risk…life giving risk. 

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