Are you living a ‘created’ life or a ‘reported on’ life + an assessment

a created life

When I was a little one I came into this world with a neurological brain disorder. I struggled to understand even the most basic communication, as the world was reflected back to me in fragments, like a puzzle with many missing pieces, rather than as a whole picture.


I had no idea there was any other way of seeing the world - I had no idea that my sisters and my parents and my friends were not experiencing the very same thing - so I had no words to explain how I was taking things in. 


I had no recourse when it was said that, “Amber is a slow learner” or “Amber is just different” or “what is wrong with Amber?” or “Amber might not be able to do what others do?” This was my ‘reported on’ life and at the time, before I knew better, became my story. 


While the brain disorder eventually healed itself (a story for another time), the aftermath of this experience left me believing I was 'different', 'dumb', and afraid I wasn't capable of creating great things in my life. This, mixed with struggle at home, I started down a path of escapism: drugs, sex, and cutting myself, all by the time I was 15 years old. 


Around the same age, I also met my first mentor, a teacher who saw something more in me. She saw a clever and creative girl who simply saw the world differently than most, but didn’t have a healthy and unique outlet for expressing herself. I had someone who barely knew me, stand up for me and say, 


“is that really the life you want create for yourself? You can do so much better - let’s start exploring what that would look like.” 


This mentor became a catalyst for me taking my life back - for stepping into a life we ALL have the potential to live - a created life. 


(I ended up getting into an early admissions program for college, fully paid for, and graduated with my AA at age 16, then went to art school for a year (thanks mom and dad for all your support with that!), and then finally graduated from college (neither of my parents went to college), with a 75% scholarship I put in the work to apply for, graduating with my BA at age 20, then moving to NYC just before my 21st birthday - and truly, this is where my life really began to open up, from the inside, out). 


It’s 19 years later, and what I know in my bones is this…


Creating a life that feels like ours will take grit and grace. It will take you leaning into all the edges of your beliefs and the willingness to see the world from many different perspectives. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it. 


As a creator, I follow the work of other creators who I consider can support my growth as a human being and as a changemaker, one of those creators is Rich Litvin. 


Rich coaches high performers (coaches, athletes, high impact leaders, etc.) and is the author of what I consider one of the most important books for anyone serious about coaching and supporting their clients powerfully, The Prosperous Coach. 


His work introduced me to a brilliant concept that he refers as ‘a Reported on’ vs. ‘a Created’ Life...

Most people live a Reported on Life. “The economy is tough… My boss is unfair… My boyfriend doesn’t understand me…” They react to life. Often they complain about it. “Life’s unfair… It’s alright for them… I wish I had your opportunities…” But there is another way to approach life. And it’s as a Creator. Despite (or even because of) the circumstances you face, you get creative. You take responsibility for the circumstances. Not to judge yourself or to blame yourself. And not even because you necessarily ‘really’ created them. You understand the word responsibility has two parts: Response-Ability. You have the ability to choose your response, whatever the challenge you face in that moment.”  ~Rich Litvin


Ultimately, Choice - no matter our circumstance, is always leading our pathway to tomorrow. Knowing this is the foundation to living a created life... 


The gift I hope you walk away with, is this...

No matter the challenges or circumstances, we all have the choice to create from where we are, with what we've got, and to redefine our story in one way or another. And ultimately, that is the game of life. Choice, path, experience, repeat. 

With that said, I have a gift for you. It's something I have been working on for quite some time. It’s finally ready for the world - and it’s totally free, so I truly hope you’ll take the time to use this powerful resource. 

I call it the Life Fulfillment Assessment. This 23 page guide + life fulfillment assessment is the beginning to a whole new world of possibility. In this process you’ll discover a soulful and sustainable roadmap to your potential and true fulfillment.

And after you’re done, If you’re feeling like offering a gift back to me, all I request is your feedback. What did you think of the guide and assessment? Was it helpful? What did you learn about yourself? Share in the comments below. 


To choosing a created life…together,  

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