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Are you living a ‘created’ life or a ‘reported on’ life + an assessment

Most people live a Reported on Life. “The economy is tough… My boss is unfair… My boyfriend doesn’t understand me…” They react to life. Often they complain about it. “Life’s unfair… It’s alright for them… I wish I had your opportunities…” But there is another way to approach life….”

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{VIDEO} How to Fulfill Your Deepest Aspirations, Joyfully.

It’s one thing to fulfill our deepest aspirations, but it’s a whole other thing to arrive there with levity, courage, and joy.  In today’s short video above, I share with you one of the most powerful things I have learned on my journey to fulfillment. 

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Longing to be United: What I Learned About Humanity Traveling in an RV for Six Months.

I consider myself a world traveler, with countries like Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua, and Thailand gracing my well-worn passport. Yet, the United States, the country I was born in an lived most of my life, was a country I had done very little exploring within…

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In today’s very first Mentor Musings VLOG, I share five SOULutions to filter through all your big, beautiful ideas and how to take aligned action, when you feel a lack of motivation and follow through.

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Trying to make changes for the better and decide your next step forward?

If there is one thing I wish I could have learned earlier in life - something that would have saved me a lot of heartache, it would have been this…

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Do You Dare to Meet Your Hearts Longing? {Video}

{VIDEO} Reflections From The Soul

The kind of longing that beckons us with a whisper

answering our deepest prayers and wildest dreams …

that kind of longing.

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