Trying to make changes for the better and decide your next step forward?

Photo of me playing the fierce art of Maculele with a fellow Capoeirista. 

Photo of me playing the fierce art of Maculele with a fellow Capoeirista. 

If there is one thing I wish I could have learned earlier in life - something that would have saved me a lot of heartache, it would have been this…

Life gets so. much. BETTER. when we stop trying to figure it out on our own. 

I spent years ‘trying’ to make changes for the better, on my own, only to find myself back where I started, again and again. Maybe a different location, or partner, or job, or passion project…but ultimately, the same familiar patterns eventually emerged…and the same experience of not feeling whole. 

The first time I really felt the power of being a part of a like-minded community was in my mid-twenties, when I trained the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. I began to see myself more fully - and by that I mean more authentically. 

Through the reflection of being surrounded with people who…

  • Cared, as I cared
  • Leaned in, as I leaned in
  • Struggled, as I struggled
  • Feared, as I feared
  • Shared, as I shared
  • Cried, as I cried
  • Laughed, as I laughed

…I began to see my true nature: capable, strong, full of potential, a leader. a changemaker. 

Captivated by the power of community, I began teaching, leading circles, and curating one of a kind experiences for seekers to dive into a similar type experience of belonging and connection. That was more than a decade ago and today…

What I have discovered in creating community like this, is that when we see ourself in others, we see that it’s safe to be seen in the face of raw, in the depths of real, and the courage to rise up….even when life feels messy. {Tweet This}

One of my favorite ways to grow, contribute, and celebrate the human spirit is in immersions. These experiences that I have been a part of as a student or lead as a teacher, have been fundamental to me discovering the depths of who I am, what I have to offer this world, and the feeling of being whole…even when life feels hard. 

The Changemakers Adventure is a one of a kind yoga, life accelerator, and leadership enhancement immersion. And this year we head to one of the most magical places in the world - Bali. 

This is much more than a yoga retreat…

It’s a full on soul expanding incubator + ‘Embracing the Whole Package’ life design experience.

It includes: 

  • A virtual opening circle, prior to the retreat. This is a beautiful ceremony and opportunity to meet the other change-making minded independent thinkers, creators, visionaries, and seekers.


  • TWO group coaching sessions, post-retreat. An experience like this is very powerful. As you dive back into your life these sessions will help you integrate your insights, move through worries and fears, and receive support for two months after the retreat. 


  • A private community page for on-going connection and support from the group and myself. 


  • 7 nights of stunning accommodations in an epic location.


  • 2 adventure trips that will blow your mind and heart wide open.


  • A Balinese massage that will renew your body and soul.


  • Daily DRM classes w/ Amber. Dynamic Release Method is a complete mind/body/soul recharge practice, created by Amber, that fuses yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, mindset techniques, internal martial arts, and self-myofascial release using tennis balls. 


  • Personal development, yoga, + coaching workshops w/ Amber. Our workshops will be rich, meaningful, and deep. They will range from experiential practices to connect deeper with your truth to group processing and hot/heart seat time (coaching) to receive personalized support in all that you do and be. 


  • All breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners. The food lovingly prepared for us is healthy, delicious, and gorgeous. We will visit Ubud one afternoon and two evenings, in which you will be on your own for lunch/dinner. It gives us time to explore the near-by town of Ubud, which has many interesting and amazing restaurants and shops.  


  • PLUS access to The Changemakers Collective!  An end of the year, 21 day soulful planning process + community UNITING AND EMPOWERING CREATIVE, CHANGE-MAKING MINDED SEEKERS TO COURAGEOUSLY RISE TO THEIR POTENTIAL AS FORCES OF GOOD AND AGENTS OF CHANGE. The collective will open after Thanksgiving with a 21 day, 2019 soulful planning experience and continue on throughout the year ahead with quarterly meetings, resources, and a private community page. Because creating a life that not only lights you up, but also illuminates the world takes purposeful planning (done with soul) and a courageous community (of people who’ve got your back).

As you can see, joining The Changemakers Adventure is so much more than a week long immersion…it’s a community. We open with a week long deep dive experience in Bali, then continue to dive into the depths of our growth, contribution to others, and celebration of the human spirit as a collective. 

Will you join us?  

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Bali Retreat: Courageous Couples June Promo

Join us during the month of June for just $4,200 for both of you.
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The Changemakers Adventure: BALI

October 20-27, 2018

A retreat where you walk away renewed and redefined! Late October is the perfect time to take retreat, reflecting on what you stand for and who you need to be to bring your full self to life in the year ahead. 


We Travel Not to Escape Life, but for Life to Not Escape Us.
16 Change-making minded independent thinkers, creators, visionaries, and seekers.

This life changing adventure is an opportunity to explore the depths of how you truly want to show up in the world, what your soul is yearning for most, and how to align with that calling with more ease, grace, and authenticity. With a blend of neuropsychology practices, mind/body release techniques, masterful coaching, renewing bodywork, soulful adventures, inspiring community, and the magic of Bali - you will find no other retreat experience quite like this one. 

Will you join us?

The Changemakers Adventure: BALI