This is for the rebels, the seekers, the philosophers...the 'crazy ones'

Photo taken while living, working, and traveling the USA in a tiny home on wheels. 

Photo taken while living, working, and traveling the USA in a tiny home on wheels. 

Hello Courageous Soul, 


When I was a young girl I had a neurological disorder that created a lot of confusion in my brain, and thus my little world. I didn't see things as most saw them and I didn't process things as most processed them. When I tried to explain my perspective, it was often received with frustration and confusion by others. Because of this, I often felt very alone in the world...even when I wasn't. 



One of my favorite things to do at that time in my life was sleep outside in my yard. I would build myself a palace with blankets, pillows, and imaginary friends. Then, late at night when only speckles of stardust could be seen amongst the blackness of the hour, I would talk to God. 



I would mostly just talk as if a friend was listening, but on occasion I would also ask for something. 


I would ask to feel whole. 

Those were not my exact words, but that is the essence of what I was asking for. 

I was asking this for me and for the whole world. 


I was not like others, and at 38 years of age (almost 39), not much has changed. I was then, as I am now, a reflection of unfamiliarity in a world that demands and cherishes certainty over living fully. 


The irony, the absolute wildness of this story is that what I was asking for - wholeness - could only be found when I embraced the fullness of who I am. 



Wholeness is not found in a perfectly packaged box with a ribbon securely atop. Wholeness is found in the mess and the majesty of being with all the parts of who you are and long to more fully express. {TWEET THIS}



I share this story for those of you who have ever felt like 'going against the grain' of life was not safe or acceptable...yet it's who you are



This is for...

the rebels

the misfits

the seekers

the black sheep

the philosophers

the 'crazy ones'...of the world. 


Those of you who crave community and connection with like-minded courageous souls. 



Those of you who get that within your hot mess lies your majesty, your message, the marvel of your unique imprint on this world.



Those of you who are deeply curious about possibility and potential, and most importantly...tapping into it with presence and patience. 



Those of you who can not...must not, live a half lived life. 



I write this for are not alone. I see you. You are remarkable. A fantastic miracle that paints this world of static red, white, and blue in stunning tera cotta, ivory, and periwinkle. Thank-you. Thank-you for being brave. Thank-you for being YOU. 



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To embracing the fullness of who we are...together,

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What is an area of your life that feels scary because it's 'going against the grain'?