A Tool I Use to Enhance Clarity & Creativity

Hello There Powerful One, 

There is nothing I want more for myself and for others than for us to bring our full self to the world - the version of you that feels whole, purposeful, inspired, connected, and peaceful

However when life feels 'too' full it can create the complete opposite experiences and emotions we were going for in the first place. 

'Too full' feels overwhelming and in that overwhelm causes us to ask questions that truly have no answer, such as "what should I do?" It creates a sense of urgency, rather than an opportunity to grow and gain real insight and direction. And it cuts us off from two of the most important things we need to consciously create a life by design - clarity and creativity. 

Often the overwhelm begins to trickle in when we are more in our heads (comparing, criticizing, and complaining), rather than being in a place I refer to as, Relaxed Determination. This is the dwelling place of both our masculine and our feminine energies, which no matter your gender, we all have both polarities in us. When we tap into these energies and create a dance with them, rather than a fight of 'shoulds' and 'should nots' we feel stable and vibrantly alive. The feminine energy is creative, curious, and celebratory by nature. The masculine energy is clear, focused, and decisive by nature. And the magic we see in the world is created when the two come into union. 

So, if 'too full' cuts us off from Clarity and Creativity (and therefore the possibility of creating our life by design in the powerful state of relaxed determination), then how do we stay full, but not too full

We find the practices, support, and communities that create space for RELEASE. 

I would not be where I am today with my health, my relationships, my work in the world, and my finances if it were not for practice, support, and community. I lead coaching programs, trainings, and retreats because these are the things I myself invest in and get great value out of them. 

My life is the most precious thing I have and I see nothing more important to invest in than that. 

Stream of Consciousness Writing for enhanced Clarity & Creativity:

1.Take out a notebook, pen and a timer

2. Set the timer for 10 minutes

3. Begin writing without editing, judging, or thinking about what you are writing. Don't worry about spelling or grammer - just write. Let it flow - even if it doesn't make sense or what you are writing you would never show anyone (because you aren't going to). Let the To Do Lists come through, the 'shoulds' and 'should nots', the criticizing, comparing, and complaining. Let it all out - and as you write and write and write you may notice that space may appear, or ideas start to come through that weren't there before, or a release of emotions well up. There is no right or wrong to this practice - you are just creating space for release. And in doing so what always emerges (sooner or later) is clarity and creativity. 

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Loving You,