{VLOG} How to rewire your brain (to feel more positive & manifest more powerfully)

Hello beautiful soul.

A brief story/lesson before I dive into the intended content...

A year ago (July of 2018 to be exact) I attempted to start a vlog. I had planned to call these videos, Mentor Musings. I made ONE video and then never again, until now.

Why? well these videos (from filming, to editing, to uploading, to putting in all the backend SEO needed for it to not get lost in the sea, to promoting it on social media) takes hours. As a newbie to the VLOGing world, this video took me 3 hours! And that doesn't account for the time it will take me to share and promote it.

But here's the thing. I know Youtube is a great resource for me (because I love speaking) to share the things that have impacted and changed my life, as well as those of my students and clients. I know it will help to grow my reach and have a bigger impact with sharing my message and mission with the world. I know it would support thousands, maybe millions of people. And yet, I felt like it was too much work.

Or was that really the case?

Last week I went to see Gabby Bernstein speak in Sacramento with a friend. We listened to her audio-book on the 2-hour drive there. My friend kept pausing the book to ask me to better explain what Gabby was sharing. Then finally she stopped and said, "you know Amber, you've helped me so much in my life and I went on your Youtube page and it doesn't really have anything on it that you teach." And then she said this..."I don't know what's holding you back, but something is and it's too bad because you have a lot to offer the world and not just a handful of clients and students."

WHOA! She was right.

I share this because my guess is that you relate to that 'something holding you back.' And it's likely not time, money, or that it's too hard. My guess is what's holding you back is exactly what was holding me back...

deep down...I was afraid.

~ I was afraid of being misunderstood
~ I was afraid of negative comments or worse...no comments.
~ I was afraid of not being seen or heard or not making sense.
~ I was afraid of 'not getting it right' aka perfectionism holding me back.
~ I was even afraid of the potential growth because what if I'm not ready...or worthy?

Essentially I was making my decision from a place of fear, rather than love.

Here's what love says...

"Yes, darling, maybe so, maybe not (with regards to my fears)...so let's give it a go and see what adventures unfold." (side note: my inner voice of 'love' sounds like Mary Poppins).

So here I am - giving it a go. I'll start out with the goal of producing 2 videos a month. Maybe with time, it will extend to one video a week...and maybe not. But this time for sure, love will lead and you'll be seeing more videos than just ONE a year. ;-)

Difficult emotions can be really challenging...not to mention make it feel nearly impossible to uncover what you truly want to create, while also having the tenacity and resiliency to move forward with making that vision a reality.

This video is NOT about positive thinking (oh hell no!)…that’s not my thing. Rather, it’s about building your toolbox of resourcefulness and deepening your sorcery of sourcing your power from within.

This mentor musing is just under 20 minutes. What I teach is simple (anyone can do it) and if applied, will be deeply profound in supporting you to bring your full self to the world.

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To bringing our full selves to the world…together,

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