Got Goals? Do This First.

got goals?

Here’s a powerful question to ask yourself...


What do I need in place to create an environment that supports my goals, dreams, and evolution?


As we enter a new year it's an excellent time to evaluate what wasn't working the year prior and start fresh. Yes, the new year is a great time for this, but truth be told, any time is a great time for us to move inward, to get clear on what’s true for us now, and how we want to show up in the world. At any moment we can make the choice to release limiting and destructive patterns, habits, and beliefs. It may not be easy, but it’s a choice and people do it all the time.  On any given day you can decide to activate action by creating a solid plan that is supported by the head (strategy that works), yet originates from the heart (your truth, your soul, your desires).



Below I have outlined 3 things you can do to make your goals happen this year.


1. Move it out: energy gets locked in the body (think emotional, physical, mental stress not released in a healthy way) and causes us to operate from a ‘muddied’ perspective. Start or end your day powerfully by clearing the clutter (the issues) in your tissues. Join a fitness class and/or a yoga class that inspires you. Also, cold plunges in nature or the shower are exceptional for re-setting the nervous system to a place of calm, powerful presence. A side note on cold plunges: you must slow down your breath, entering and exiting the water calmly Not rapidly). Stay for 1-2 minutes. Your heart rate will quicken in the beginning - your job is to focus on full, slow breathing and staying calm.



2. Map it out: I love mind mapping. It’s a process where you get clear on your goals and then break them down into practical, doable steps. So an example would be this > Goal: Step up my leadership skills and presence. Map: 1. read a leadership book > how to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnegie (book has 248 pages, read 9 pages a day to finish in 28 days, start today) 2. Sign up for the public speaking class at my local community center 3. Speak up and share my thoughts at the next team meeting (even if my voice shakes).



3. Make it ‘real’: now here is the game changer… you gotta and by ‘gotta’ I mean absolutely must – SCHEDULE IT IN. Plans are great, but they need a container. When creating new rhythms, successful people know the power of scheduling it in. Why? 1. to make sure we remember and 2. we create space for it in our life. At first, new things are not natural, so they need a place to live to become REAL and more familiar. My preference is an online calendar, like google calendars. You can color coordinate items into categories and easily change things up as needed without making a huge mess.


BONUS TIP: As you flow through your month schedule in empty space in your calendar to be still, clear clutter, and honor the process.

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To bringing our full self to the world…together,

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