Beyond Motivation. Ready to Make Magic of Your Life?


It is wildly uplifting to me to witness someone going for their vision and their dreams with tenacity and courage. So today I am going to share 2 powerful lessons to getting there. 


Because our dreams and visions are the most precious thing we have.

Our dreams of finding our 'soul mate' or doing work in the world that truly fulfills us (and affords us the lifestyle we desire).

Our visions of living a life of depth, presence and purpose.

Our desires to have more adventure and like-minded community surrounding us.

Our visions to be of service to others through empowering, inspiring, & leading by example. 

Our desires to see what we are made of and to go for something that simultaneously scares and ignites us. 


All these things truly matter to us. Yet, somehow they often get lost in the day to day tasks of paying the bills, grocery shopping, doing laundry, keeping up with appointments, and just trying to 'keep it all under control.' Not to mention the 21st century distractions of social media. And even more soul sucking, the distraction of our disempowering thoughts/underlying beliefs that we're not enough, not ready, or too busy. 

So the question is, How do we keep the motivation going? and how do we remember to hold onto our dreams and visions - how do we keep them at the forefront of our mind so we take action on them, actualizing them? 


Let's start with the first question..How do we keep the motivation going?

My answer: It's beyond motivation. It's about how to make magic out of your life. Because as messy as life can be at times, it's also marvelous. 


The best way to explain what I'm talking about is to share a quote from the grand master of magic himself, David Blaine. He gave a Ted Talk where he explains how he did something that was considered impossible, even by neuroscientists. In the talk he explains how he defeated 'the impossible' and sums it up in this final sentence...

"As a magician I try to show things to people that seem impossible. And I think magic is pretty simple. It's practicing, it's training, it's experimenting while pushing through the pain to be the best that I can be. And that's what magic is to me." ~David Blaine

It's practicing, it's training, it's experimenting...

This, my friends, truly is the path to making magic happen out of anything, including your dreams and vision. Practice, training, and experimenting. 


So now for the second do we remember to hold onto our dreams and visions - how do we keep them at the forefront of our mind so we take action on them, actualizing them? 

And my answer to this question is just as simple....

I surround myself with powerful anchors. 

An anchor is anything in your physical environment that stimulates one or more of your five senses, reminding you of your WHY. Your 'why' is the reason why you want what you want. It's the heart of your desire, so to speak. Getting clear on why you want what you want is a powerful step to turning a goal, into a vision. A vision is compelling and turns an interest into a commitment. The action we take when we are committed to something has a quality to it that is rich with integrity, courage, faith, and perseverance. And these are the qualities that turn dreams into reality. 


Not sure what to do? Here are 10 ideas for anchors:

1. Make a vision board -  I love doing these. It's a fun project that is great to do with friends. I do one each year. I cut out images from magazines that represent my dreams I intend to actualize that year and words that represent how I want to feel (this is important). Then I glue them on a poster board artfully and I look at it every day. It's up on a wall in my office. 

2. Use your screen saver - to remind you of something you are reaching for. You get to choose the image that you see every day on your computer - so make it count. 

3. Get clear on your reasons 'why' and post them where you can see them daily - The question here is what do you think you will be experiencing when you achieve that or have that? You will come up with feeling words. Fulfilled, Free, Focused, Purposeful, Wonder-filled, Present, Abundant, Confident, Joyful, and so forth. Then the key here is to focus on the places in your life where you already feel those feelings. Then you create more experiences to feel those feelings. 

4. Post Quotes - this is one of my favorite anchors. I love quotes as they get to heart of my values and my 'why' in just a few words. Place quotes that really spark something in you in a place where you can see them everyday. 

5. Set the scene with aroma - The sense of smell is a powerful one to remind us of what we want. Studies show that our sense of smell is linked to our memories. So smell can instantly bring you back to an intention within moments. What smells make you feel the way you want to feel? Flowers, oils, incense, fresh air? My favorite way to use smell as an anchor is with scented candles. I love smells that are grounding, seasonal, and natural. Smells like cedarwood and smoked sandalwood are great for grounding me, spiced pumpkin in the Fall, and vetiver and patchouli is one of my favorites to keep me feeling connected and calm. 

6. Your clothes matter - our clothes and the way we adorn ourself has an energy to it. Whatever energy you are putting out, you are attracting back at you. Are you putting yourself out into the world the way you want to be seen? Are your clothes an expression of you and your highest vision and dreams, or are they outdated and keeping you stuck in the past?  

7. Listen to empowering music and words - what podcasts empower you? I love TedTalks on Youtube. What music are you listening to? Does it light you up, or make you feel weird or negative or inauthentic? 

8. Delight your taste buds - certain drinks or foods will remind us of a vision we have. I want to feel radiant in my life. Water & Kombucha makes me feel that way. I want to feel celebration in my life. Dark chocolate makes me feel that way. I once had a client that had a very specific tea that would make her feel calm and focused, so it was the perfect anchor for her before getting to work on building her new business - as she wanted to feel calm and focused in her new business and also on the journey to the goal. 

9. Buy an awesome planner and use it- It's not good enough to just look at things that remind you of what you have to take action. Having a calendar will ensure that you have a place to schedule in actions needed for you to move in the direction of your dreams. Every year I buy a really nice planner/calendar. One that I love looking at. Inside is my map to my vision, scheduled in bite size chunks, so that I see progress towards what I truly desire. 

10. Invest in your vision and dreams - capability is not something you get to without investing energy into it. It will take learning strategies that are both practical and 'magical' and it will take support. Particularly support from people who have succeeded at what you want. You wouldn't learn to quit smoking from a smoker, right? So be sure to get support in the areas of growth you desire, from someone who can authentically guide you there. I myself have invested countless hours and dollars into my vision and dreams, and you know what, it's been FUN. The journey of life taken from the stance, "I want to bring my full self to the world" is EXHILARATING. It's full of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. It's full of meaningful and purposeful contribution, and it's full of celebration in the ways I had always wanted to celebrate life - present, connected, and full of adventure. 


Now, it's time for you to share and be a part of creating change for others: What's your favorite lesson or tool for making magic happen in your life? 

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Making Magic,