How to recognize the voice of your own heart…and why we must

January felt like a decade, February flew by in a flash, and now here we are already in the middle of March, gearing up for a new season. 

I don’t know about you, but it also feels like we’re gearing up for a whole new way of being with ourself, our life, our work, and the world. 

One of the main conversations I’ve been having in 2019, has been about transition.

In those conversations, myself and others have shared how our hearts and souls have welcomed in, with both a fierceness and tenderness, so. much. change.

It’s as though we are going through a collective shift that is calling us all deeper into our truth. Deeper into our capacity to hold and be held. Deeper into the courage it will take to listen closer. Deeper into the depths of our potential and ability to truly love ourselves and others…to love not only what is delightful, but what is also difficult. 

We are being called forth into the unknown with a greater force and what seems like only a blurry vision to navigate us. At times, it feels as though these winds of change are sweeping us up with a ferocity that will, no doubt, scare some to close even tighter into a bud. I ask you, I encourage you, please stay open. Seek the support you need and take hold of as many hands as you can.

Let your shell be broken open. Let life touch you. Let the sorrow and the joy be felt - it was meant to be felt. Live in the paradox and forget the greatness you were holding onto, so you can re-write the story of greatness that is true to you now.

This transition is not here to stop us in our tracks, it is here to remind us we have wings. 

It is here to teach us how to be still while simultaneously, fly. 

It is here to teach us a new way of being with ourself, our life, our work, and the world.

It is teaching us to recognize the voice of our own heart, because more than ever, the world needs our truth.  

It is asking us to slow down, trust, and create more consciously, more deliberately, more honestly, more courageously. It is reminding us to breath…into our becoming. Because the pushing just isn’t working anymore….and neither is the hiding. 

The freedom and fulfillment we long for on the outside, must be steered toward and developed, from within.

There is a world of answers (and gifts) right inside each and everyone of us, the challenge is shifting through the muddy waters towards the voice that is ‘truer than true and youer than you.’ (Thanks Dr. Seuss!)

This voice of our own heart.

And the paradox is, when we enter those muddy waters…it’s messy. Sometimes it’s downright murky and full of shadows we never knew existed. Yet, it is also the most marvelous, miraculous, and majestic terrain you will ever explore. 

It is where your ‘truer than true’ life waits for you. 

Your own voice will never stray you wrong…yet it will ask you to be braver and more humble than ever before. It will ask you to do what you think you can not do and be who you think you can not be. 

And you will breakdown. And you will break open.

And you will breakthrough. And you will persevere.

And you will remember you are greater, better than you thought. 

And then…you will fly. 

And this is why you must…because when you fly, your wings remind others that they too, have always had wings. 

Masks removed, armor off, breath deeper, slow down longer, tune in softer, take a chance on truth and dare to declare, “here I am. This is what I really want…this is who I really am.”

This is the work I do with visionary seekers.

I support those who feel deeply called to traverse the depths of their mind, soul, and hearts. Those who dare to lean in (even when it’s hard) and to rise up (because they must). Those who feel deep within themselves that they are artists, creators, visionaries…and can not, will not, live a life half-lived. 

My work bridges the forces of neuroscience, psychology, mysticism, somatic healing, storytelling, and play in a poetic, practical, and accessible manner. With over a decade of experience as a spiritual teacher and coach, the creator of The Fulfillment Formula™, and a devotion to truth, courage, excellence, and beauty…I am here in service to you bringing your full self to the world and doing it in a way that feels deeply connected, sustainable, and true to you. 

If the voice of your own heart is calling you to create your life and work in the world in a way that feels ‘truer than true’  – and you’re ready to invest in support, let’s talk.

I have a few spaces for personalized 1-on-1 support. In addition, I have opened the doors to a new 4 month program: Bring Your Full Self to the World {Flight Lessons & Heartward Bound} create your life to be both an expression of drive and depth, focus and freedom, success and fulfillment.

Let’s hop on zoom and see what magic we can co-create. 
There’s a few spots on my calendar here. 

“You can not fly until you break the shell. There is always another shell to break and another flight to take. The only way to be in alignment with your destiny is to follow your truth.” -India Arie.


To remembering we are greater, better than we thought,  

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