Reckoning, Renewal, and Reinvention


There are times in our life when we are called into deeper reflection, more supportive self-care, and the space to re-define possibility for ourselves on a deep soul level.

These times often occur for us during transitionary moments in our life, which can be both inspiring and also downright necessary. Sometimes those moments in life call to us after an illness or a death. Sometimes it’s a nagging that’s been there for years, and finally, we just can’t ignore or numb it away any longer. And sometimes it’s a new phase on our timelines that feels important to us, such as a birthday or a profoundly new perspective/way of being that has soaked into our bones.

The reason for the call doesn’t matter as much as your intention for answering it - your willingness to lean into the whisper of your souls call and do the work it takes to bring your full self to the world. It’s this sort of reckoning, renewal, and reinvention that leads us to the fulfillment and freedom we seek, but you’ve got to be clear on three things if you’re to dive in with depth, honesty, and whole-hearted courage:

  1. Our majesty does not come without a cost (aka: the journey to our majesty is messy). The price we must pay is in vulnerability and that currency can be a messy one for our human heads and hearts to spend. It takes practice and it takes support, but the investment brings you something priceless: expansion into more of who you already are - pure beauty, magnificence, awesomeness, sovereign to the core. I love to liken this to the end of a yoga practice when Savasana is complete and you’re lying outstretched with your arms over head. It feels both expansive and vulnerable. There is wisdom in that moment - to expand into our potential, we must be willing to get vulnerable.

  2. This is deep work, not hard work. Excavating your deepest truths (what I refer to as mining your soul for gold) is nothing short of a heroic act of going into the cave of your psyche on a quest, then returning with valuable resources you can share with the world. It is my belief that we can illuminate the world with a single flame, but each of us must find that within our selves first. Your journey into your light is your journey into your gift to the world and it is your claiming your birthright as a changemaker. None of us are here to just get through the day, make a living, and check off our ‘to do’ lists. That’s not a life, that’s survival, and if you have a choice to rise above that and aren’t…well, that’s a damn shame.

  3. Your scars are your sermon and your flaws are your fortune. When we do this kind of work it’s not about becoming better or fixing ‘what’s wrong with us.’ It’s about integration of the whole self. It’s an owning of all the parts of who we are. That doesn’t mean that we don’t raise our standards, but it does mean that we do so with empathy and compassion. And what I have found is that when we own the parts of ourselves that we didn’t want the world to see, we begin to convene deeper with our unique purpose, message, and ability to create prosperity in our life. My favorite story to tell around this subject is about the Japanese art called Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi), which means ‘golden mend’ and is referred to as The Precious Art of Scars. The craft takes broken pottery and instead of discarding it or trying to hide the imperfections, they repairing the broken pottery with a glue mixed with powdered gold. The philosophy behind this practice is that the ‘flaws’ are part of the history of an object and makes it more unique.

Over the years of my own reckoning, renewal, and reinvention, I have found tremendous strength and sustainability with my vision and transformation when I received support. There is something very powerful about being able to reflect, inquire, redefine, and redesign with the help of someone who has been there and who is devoted to enabling ambitious, visionary women (and a few great men) to bring their full self to the world.

If you’re serious about your expansion and are curious about seeking 1-on-1 support as you dive into your own reckoning, renewal, and reinvention - I’d love to hear from you!

I have 2 spots left for coaching in 2019. Fill out this exploration application and I’ll reach back out to you with more information. 


In honor of our collective rising,

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