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3 Things I Know For Sure About Confidence and How to Enhance It

I once heard someone say, "Confidence. It's not a pre-requisite for bold action, but it is the RESULT of bold action."

Confidence is something we all want more of - more confidence to land that deal, to take that risk, to follow our dreams, to get on that stage, to write that book, to ask that person out on a date. The paradox here is... you've got to first be willing to go for what you want to develop the confidence you think you need to get it. ha! 

I personally find it to be a daily practice to hold onto and act on what I know to be true for me. My desires that come from a deep calling, a yearning from the soul - and to move forward, despite myself. Despite my doubts that maybe I miss heard the call, or maybe I won't add up to the calls expectations, maybe I won't add up to my expectations, maybe I won't be good enough. 

So today I am going to share with you 3 powerful lessons I have learned that have shaped me and guided me over the years. They are the 3 things I know for sure about confidence. I hope it helps release some of that nagging doubt that sometimes seems stronger than you (but we both know you're stronger than your doubt). Here's to you and your confidence...

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How Less Has Given Me So Much More

Up until last year I thought that doing more, giving more, being more was the path to getting ahead and fulfilling my purpose. 

In my business I was more concerned with how much I could do and create and ‘keep up’, rather than getting support and carving out the time to focus down on what I really wanted to be doing, creating, and saying with more confidence and purpose. 

I spent way more time thinking up ideas to post on social media or scouring the internet to see what other people were doing and just feeling like I would never ‘catch up’ and never be ‘good enough.’ 

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