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Do You Have A Dream That Has Been On Hold Way Too Long?

When I was a teenager I wrote everyday. It was art and medicine for me. I even got my first degree in creative writing and was a journalist for the college newspaper.  I always adored authors (my mom turned me onto books at age 14). My heroes are authors, some of my friends are authors, when I'm envious of's usually an author or someone with incredible writing skills. Do you relate to this at all? Are there people doing things in the world that you just swoon over and think, "Wow! I'd love to love to do that, be that, have that."

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How Less Has Given Me So Much More

Up until last year I thought that doing more, giving more, being more was the path to getting ahead and fulfilling my purpose. 

In my business I was more concerned with how much I could do and create and ‘keep up’, rather than getting support and carving out the time to focus down on what I really wanted to be doing, creating, and saying with more confidence and purpose. 

I spent way more time thinking up ideas to post on social media or scouring the internet to see what other people were doing and just feeling like I would never ‘catch up’ and never be ‘good enough.’ 

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