Your Dreams Are What Will Change The World

There is a famous speech, that even if we have never listened to it, we know what it's about. 

It's about a dream - a vision. And in expressing that dream fully, it changed the world and left it a better place for all of us. 

I often think about the changemakers of our history and what this world might be like if they listened to their doubt, instead of their faith. Or their worry, instead of their wonder. Or their cynicism over their belief. Because, rest assured, they felt the latter. Yet they chose otherwise. 


In my life and as a coach, I often wondered what made some people choose the latter. And what I have observed is that as people authentically meet themselves, and from that place, boldly go for their dreams - their dreams grow. They grow because 'who you have to become,' the character you develop in getting to your dreams - changes you. And in that change what you believe is possible for you and the world expands, and therefore your vision expands. It's like a muscle, a capacity thing, but with regards to character.


Follow your dreams today, and tomorrow you will become who you were always meant to be - a changemaker. {click to Tweet, please}


And here is the interesting thing about that...for it to be change-making, it doesn't have to involve social justice or politics or even stereotypical acts of service. All it needs to be, is yours - your heartfelt dream. Not someone else's dream for you or societies variety of success that you think you should follow...but rather, your soul's dream. The visions that excite you, intrigue you, inspire you, and often scare you - those dreams. 


I started following my exciting, 'scary' visions many years ago and certainly I would not have considered those dreams very 'change-making' at the time. They were dreams like this:

Move to NYC
Sing and play guitar in a band
Become an inspiring & confident yoga teacher
Live outside the USA for more than a year
Make $50,000+ a year working for myself


Yet, if I hadn't followed my soul and FULFILLED those dreams...I would have never created the change I have already created in the world through teaching mindfulness & leadership practices and I wouldn't be doing the work I am doing today. I would have never become a coach supporting others to boldly step into their dreams and their potential and I never would have created The Changemakers Circle. Fulfilling those dreams enhanced my character, expanded what was possible for me, and carved new relationships in my life that changed my perspective. 


The moment you say yes to your dreams, no matter what they are, you are saying yes to creating a better world. You are a changemaker. 

Truly, my friends, there is no 'good' time to follow your dreams. If you say later, you'll be saying that for the rest of your life. And you don't only rob your own life of that gift, you rob the world. 


If you dare to play an unconventional game and truly create a meaningful life by bringing your change-making dreams into the world with power and presence - to create a life of fulfillment, then I invite you to apply for my 8 month mastermind - The Changemakers Circle

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I am here to show you that creating a truly extraordinary life is not only possible, but it will help to build a better world. What's your Dream? 

PS. getting support to create something extraordinary is a sign of a highly intelligent and driven person. Athletes do it, Actors do it, Writers do it...there is a reason for it (extraordinary takes support). If doing it alone hasn't been working, then consider changing your strategy and getting the support you need. I have a free online workshop coming up, Tuesday, Jan. 17th @ 4pm PST/7pm EST. Make 2017 the Year You Bring Your Full Self to the World and Create a Truly Meaningful (and fulfilled) Life. 

In honor of building an INSPIRED world that is...
Focused on growinggiving, and celebrating
Free from living a life of 'should's'
Fulfilled personally, professionally, and spiritually