You are able to create change - here's how

Hey there changemaker, 


One of my favorite quotes is by a true changemaker, Aung San Suu Kyi.  She says, “If you are feeling helpless, help someone.”  These wise words, spoken by a Burmese woman who spent 15 years under house arrest as a political prisoner after she began speaking out publicly on issues of democracy and human rights.


I open with this story to honor the voices of women everywhere and this week in particular, the voice of mothers. 


In honor of women and mothers everywhere, I’d like to introduce you to Charity: Water, a change-making organization that my business proudly supports.


There are some organizations out there that not only have an incredible mission, but they also have incredible stories, backed by incredible founders.   


I first discovered Charity: Water in 2015 from Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and founder of MarieTV. She interviewed the founder, Scott Harrison. In the thirty minute interview I was deeply touched and have been a contributor ever since. 


What’s truly beautiful is not only the mission of Charity: Water, but the story of how it came about. In the interview, Marie opens by saying,  “You know, we all have those moments in life where we realize something is just not working and we need to go in a new direction. And my guest today is a shining example of what happens when you listen to that call, you embrace the unknown and decide to use your gifts in the service of others.” 


I highly recommend you watch this interview, but before that, I want to invite you all to make a donation this week in honor of mothers everywhere. We are able to create change. No matter how small, your impact begins with you being willing to start where you’re at. 


The cool thing about community is our impact becomes collective. So if everyone reading this email donates even $20…we are talking thousands of dollars. 


Clean water is something so many of us take for granted and it's truly heart breaking to me that for some, clean water is a luxury. 


This Mother's Day, you can help. Honor a mom in your life by bringing clean water to a mom in someone else's life.




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