How Letting Go Creates Space for your Dreams

Are you finding the space to let go?

As the creator of a practice that is based around creating release (Dynamic Release Method) I am mindful to practice what I preach. Through my personal practice of release, I have learned one very important thing about letting go...

It’s a continual process. 

The more release (or letting go) becomes an actual ‘practice’ in my life, the more I see my exterior world coming alive. In other words, the more I see my dreams becoming a reality. As I release the inner blocks, the outer ones seem to fade away as well. The old story lines such as “I don’t have time,” "I'm not ready," "I need to learn more or do more," or “I don’t have enough money” begin to seem less and less a part of my beliefs and part of my language. 

Truly....Transformation is a continual process of letting go

Change may take place from one yoga class or one bodywork session or one great book or conversation, but real transformation takes a little relaxed determination, a little devotion, a little dedication. 

So what is holding you back? 

Emotions like worry, fear, & shame create a build up (like plaque) when they are not processed and released. These stuck energies begin to muddy our vision and perspective of our lives and the world. We begin to see more darkness than light and unconsciously begin to behave differently. With our walls up, full of resistance and judgement...we walk through the world this way. We begin to vibrate at a lower and lower frequency and draws more of that energy (and  situations) towards us - simply confirming our current dis-serving view of our life. Instead of looking toward the light (what is working) and finding solutions (for what isn't), we get trapped in a loop - a pattern - of focusing on negativity. 

The good news! 

Your escape is always there - Just a mindset away. 

Your escape is to make the choice to look for the light (however dim it may be). Look for that which you are wanting to see, even if this is only in the minds eye at first. This is the first step in the direction of creating the life of your dreams. And more importantly, this is a crucial step towards inner liberation (think Nelson Mandela). 

What are you ready to release and  let go of? 

Sending support