Unearthing Our Truth Through Curiosity


When I was little I loved to discover things (and I’d bet you did too). I was endlessly creating games that allowed for me to explore the depths of possibility. 


I would climb trees to see what it felt like to be a bird. 


I would talk to the stars, telling them about who I would become when I grew up and making wishes for my family and the world.


I would build elaborate businesses to fulfill the call of my imagination. I especially loved creating bookstores. 


This process of discovery felt like a very natural and necessary part of my growth as a child. It allowed for me to explore the depths of me more clearly and define with more confidence who I was in the world and how I most liked to express myself. 


The other day I reflected upon a particularly significant moment from my childhood where I gathered a couple neighborhood kids to create a performance. We were the ‘big’ kids in the hood, about eight years old. 


In true Leo Amber spirit, I was the producer, director and also one of the performers.


I remember being frustrated because one boy just wanted to play on the monkey bars in my yard, rather than do the dance I choreographed for him. Despite the apparent challenges, after a couple rounds of rehearsal we were ready! Now we just needed an audience. 


I recruited each performer to go with me, door to door, to each home in our neighborhood with kids to let their parents know our show was in thirty minutes and their kid(s) could attend for the low price of one quarter. I think we made no more than a dollar that day, one quarter for each of us. I remember the look on the boys face who didn’t participate fully, the monkey bar boy, when I handed him his quarter. It gave me a feeling that I was making a difference in a way that felt right, natural, and true…through being me


I didn’t know it then, but that was a day that would begin unearthing in me, more of who I am at the deepest levels of me. 

A Visionary. 

A Leader. 

A Creator of community. 



That little eight year old girl is now a thirty-eight year old woman. And what I know to be true is this…


This life is a playground for possibility, designed to unearth in us more of who we really are. It is an orchestration of divine potential, mining our soul for gold, in attempt to excavate our unique gifts to the world. {Tweet This}


When we were children we inherently knew this - the world was our playground for exploration of self and discovery of our unique gifts. We did things because they were fun and we would get lost in deep focus and creation in the process. 


We didn’t get hung up, asking ourself and others if our curiosities were…

Worthy enough

Sensible enough

A good way to make a living


We didn’t focus our energy on the ‘how’ before taking action. We weren’t afraid to get it wrong, because we weren’t doing it to get it right…we were doing it because it lit us up - because it felt right, and natural, and true


We didn’t spend time worrying about and questioning our curiosities, we simply followed them. And we weren’t fearless in our process…we were courageous. 


You may be thinking, “yeah, but I’m not a kid anymore. I can’t be like that.”  Though if you ask any truly happy and fulfilled person, living and working in a way that lights them up, how they did it; I can guarantee you they will say something along the lines of, “I courageously followed my curiosity.”


In fact, a creative mentor and new friend of mine, Amber Rae is coming out with a book in May, called Choose Wonder Over Worry. This is an entire book on the power of following ones curiosity over your worries to create a truly fulfilled life. It’s about moving beyond fear and doubt to unlock your full potential. 


Amber is a force of creativity in this world, and she will tell you herself, it was through courageously following her curiosity that she is steeped in such happiness and fulfillment in her life and work in the world. She has been called the Brene Brown of Wonder by Mind Body Green and has been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Fast Company, BBC, ABC World News, and Tim Ferriss’s blog, just to name a few.


I’m so excited to announce that Amber Rae is one of our guest mentors for The Changemakers Circle -covering the life aspiration/category of Creativity: productivity + performance. Plus, as a bonus, all who circle with us will be gifted her incredible book, by me. You will have both Ambers (me and Amber Rae) in your corner during the month of April to guide you deeper into your curiosities than ever before. It’s going to be a magical month of exploration!


If you haven’t already applied to join The Changemakers Circle, you still have time. Applications close this Saturday, March 10th. Please do not let this opportunity pass you by. 


This 10 month journey is a playground for deepening in discovering your unique gifts to the world (and taking aligned action on them). A place where you can be seen fully. A creative and supportive space where you can unearth your truth


I’d love to circle with you.



>>>Now, I’d love to hear from you<<<


What are you curious about and what truth do you feel is calling to be unearthed in you? How would it feel to give that gift to the world?


To Bringing your Full Self to the World, 

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